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    Easter Sunday attack: Court summons Maithripala to give a statement

    The court has ordered former President Maithripala Sirisena to make a statement before the court on April 4 regarding the controversial statement he made recently regarding the Easter Sunday bombing.

    Maligakanda Magistrate Court has made this order.

    In 2019, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena had said in a public meeting that he knows who carried out the tragedy in which 269 people lost their lives and a large number of people were injured in the series of suicide bombings carried out by a group of Islamic extremists targeting several Catholic churches and famous hotels in the country.

    He said there that he was ready to inform the court of the information he knew about it, and in the face of the opposition from the society, he later said that he had learned about it 3 weeks ago the bombing and that he was ready to inform it through a secret statement.

    According to the steps taken by the authorities in this regard, he had recently given a statement to the Secret Police for about 6 hours.

    It is in this background that the Criminal Investigation Department has given this order after reporting the facts to the court today on the instructions of the Attorney General.

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