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    The man who jumped from the top of Sri Pada was found without injuries

    Nallathanniya Police say that the person who came to worship Sripadasthana and jumped from the Udamaluwa on the Ratnapura road saved his life without breaking his limbs.

    He jumped from the security fence on the 19th and was found yesterday evening (24th) at Marewatte in the Nallathanniya Rajamale section.

    This young man has told the police that he does not remember what happened to him at Sri Pada Udamaluwa. He regained consciousness after splashing water on his face, and he did not know how the water had fallen on his face.

    He says that when he regained consciousness, he was alone in the middle of a forest. He says that his mobile phone and wallet were missing. He says that while searching for a path, he came across a stream and walked along that stream. He has spent five nights and all those five nights have been spent in the rocks near the stream. He has said that he did not get anything to eat and he saved himself by drinking only water for these few days. He has come to Marewatta in the course of his journey. After he told the incident to a group of youths, they informed the police, and accordingly, the police came and took steps to admit him to Maskeliya Hospital. The police say that he was weak due to a lack of food. The police say that he has not suffered any severe injuries or broken bones, apart from minor scratches on tree trunks while walking along the stream.

    Even the security cameras installed at Sri Pada recorded this person jumping down from the Udamaluwa. Also, a large number of people who were going to Sri Pada saw him jump down from the mountain. It is said that the place where he jumped is a place with a depth of more than 100 feet.

    It was revealed in the preliminary investigation that he had jumped to the ground and behaved like a unconscious person.

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