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    Twitter steals users’ facial data

    Previously known as Twitter, the ‘X’ social media network owned by Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, is going to add a lot of biometric data including facial photos of its users when updating its new security policies.

    Accordingly, it is possible to provide a selfie photo and a photo ID to verify the information of the users registered for the special services of the X social network. The policy also states that the United States may collect data on users’ employment and education history.

    According to the company, by providing this new education and employment related data, users will be able to find new job opportunities and employers will be able to easily obtain information about the relevant applicant when applying for a job.

    Accordingly, the X company states that the new policy will be implemented from September 29. According to reports, a recruiting service named Laskie was acquired by X in May.

    According to the X company, the collection of biometric data is also expected to cover data related to a person’s physical attributes, such as scanning the shape of the user’s face or fingerprint.

    It is reported that X is expected to become a full-featured mobile phone application in the future.

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