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    France, Germany, and Italy Come Front to Regulate AI

    Reuters reports that France, Germany and Italy have reached an agreement on how to regulate artificial intelligence.

    Accordingly, the news agency reveals that a joint document has been prepared regarding the relevant agreement and that it is expected to speed up negotiations at the European level.

    The report also reveals that government institutions have supported the maintenance of ethics through self-regulation and have united to oppose untested standards.

    According to that, they have been able to see the copies of the relevant joint paper, they have told Reuters.

    The relevant joint paper states that the Artificial Intelligence Act only regulates the application and use of Artificial Intelligence and that the technology does not impose any restrictions.

    Accordingly, Reuters reports that the relevant paper has emphasized that there is an inherent risk in the use of artificial intelligence and that there is no such risk in technology.

    Accordingly, the European Commission and the European Parliament are currently discussing the measures to be taken regarding artificial intelligence technology and its uses.

    Meanwhile, the tech giants all over the world have paid close attention to artificial intelligence technology and now a large number of people are raising their voice that certain restrictions should be imposed in this regard.

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