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    Historical 8th Century Alaveddy Kumbalawela, Chandrasekara Pillaiar Temple

    The impressive Kumbalawela Chandrasekera Pillaiar Temple stood majestically in the centre of the seven Pilliar temples built by the Princess Maruthapuraveeka Valli. Chandrasekera Pillaiar is famous for all four aspects of Sthalam (the place of Divinity), Moorthy (The Presiding Deity), Theertham (The Holy Water), and Virudcham (the Holy Tree). The Sanctity of Isthalam” Kumbalawela” is a Pali language common to the Hindus and Buddhists as an auspicious religion etc. and it is a coincidence that Kumbalawela town in upcountry Bandarawela where the town is a Theravada Buddhist Mahamevanava Monastery, famous attraction for meditation and Spiritual growth.

    It was believed that Princess Maruthapuraveeka Valli’s facial deformity was a facial disorder (mandibulo dysostosis) in addition she was suffering from a persistent intestinal disorder. “Chola princess Maruthapuraveekavalli commenced the regeneration of an ancient shrine in “Koilkadavai” the original name of the present historic Maviddapuram sacred hamlet named after the princess’s facial deformities appearance of the face that of a horse to the sight of the royal parivaram who accompanied the princess and the public has disappeared and the meaning ma means horse -vidda means left -puram is town. However, to the prince’s vision, her facial appearance that of a horse has not disappeared! Chola Princess Maruthapiraveeka’-Valli Settled her “Parivaram” Entourage In Close Proximity To Maviddapuram Kandasamy Temple Near Maviddapuram Muthumariamman Temple right along the stretch of KKS Road leading to the Kollankaladdy Vanniasingam Veethy.

    Maruthapuraveeka Valli took a bath as the legend says that she had a facial deformity and after taking a bath in Keerimalai fresh water springs the eyes of the public her deformity had disappeared but to the eyes of princess the facial deformities persisted and she rushed to Keerimalai to obtain the advice of sage Nagulamuni and placed before him her grievances. Nagulamuni consoled the princess and said that you failed to invoke the prime deity Vigneswaran / Pilliar at the commencement of your function and seek the divine grace of Pilliar which is absolutely necessary to protect his devotees from all the obstacles (Vignams) and as such as a penance to construct Pillaiar/Vigneswaran temples and said that princess will be conferred with all forms of auspicious things and princess after completion of the construction of the third Pillaiar temple called “Alahollai Pillaiar temple in the hamlet of Alaveddy and leading her parivarams / Royal contingent and entering the corner of Alaveddy Kumbalawela Maviduthidi site a miraculous change that in the eyes of Maruthapuraveeka Valli her facial disorder the appearance of that of a horse disappeared with an auspicious ending.


    Chola princes entered the sacred Isthalam Kumbalawela Corner from that day the miraculous site is called “MA means horse, VIDU means left, THIDDY means a small earth mound, which is spelled in the Tamil language as “Mavidu Thiddy”. She herself in her mirror noticed that her horse face appearance (cranio facial abnormalities) Vanished and that site is historically known as “Maviduthiddi and as she relished as the Chola princess as her prayers were answered and she bathed in the Theertham which is called Kumari Theertham named in the 8th century with the Moorthy haram of Kumbalawela Pilliar and lord Pilliar divine glory spread like wildfire in all directions.


    The Aadi pioneer Kurrukal was Aagama Sastra Shironmani highly revered Srila Sri Somasunthara Kurukkal Suppiah Kurrukal up to Rasa Kurrukal. The descendants of Somasundara Kurukkal followed by his son in law Suppiah Kurukkal and Somaiya Kurukkal and their children, Kanapatheeswaran Kurrukkal ( Kanapathy Iyer), Vairavanatha Kurrukkal ( latter chief priest of Nallur Kandasamy temple) Venkateswara Kurrukkal (Murugia Iyer) Ramalinga Kurrrukal, Shanmugathasa Kurrukkal Nagarasa Kurrukkal, (Rasa Iyer) and their grandsons too did not loose their piety and Saiva Agama Shastra calibre and dedication. to the historic Pilliar temple constructed by princess Maruthapuraveera-Valli, daughter of Tissa Ugra Cholan, King of Madurai in the 8th century.

    2nd Historical Event “Srilanka Maha Siddhar Siva Yoga Swamigal Ordained his disciple British. Lord James Ramsbotham Soulbury. In 1949, the second recorded historical event happened was the British Lord James Ramsbotham Soulbury, who was ordered by Jaffna Columbuthurai sage of Sri Lanka, sage Yoga Swamikal and declare him as Gurudeva and named him as Subramania Swamy and willed Gurudeva to construct the Subramania Ashram in Alaveddy with his 70 American disciples including Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswamy guru Mahasannidhanam, Kauai Aadheenam Hawaii, USA!!!. It was the greatest gift to Alaveddy as the Subramania Swamy in his Ashram conducted Bhajans, Saiva Sitanta classes, music and dance classes for children.

    Subramania Swamy and his 60 devotees’ usual routine is early in the morning attending “Uthaya poojah” in Kumbalawela Pillar temple, singing Bhajan songs Thevaram, Thirumurai and present the days thought and a short divine discourse on spiritual upliftment and the inner significance of meditation practice which is one of the ideal ways to be near to the divine Lord and all of them sing sage Yogar swamigal’s sacred meditation hymn:-

    Hara- Hara! Siva, Siva, who in thy lover’s heart does dwell,
    Who are the essence of Vedas!
    O wealth, O jewel!
    O beauteous king, our ruler, whom the poets praise
    Who are commingled with the eyes that see and dose
    Like the sunlight that pervade!

    the above is a sacred meditation hymn by sage yoga swami on Lord Siva’s cosmic dance form at “Chidambaram” in Tamil Nadu state, India in Tamil language and also in English Letters for easy singing of Bhajans for his American disciples at the end of the bhajans Subramanian Swamigal and disciples will proceed to Columbuthuarai ashram of their guru YOGA Swamy and get charged from his Darshan and sacred discourse.

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