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    Kosgoda Sujee in Dubai Takes Revenge After 20 Years for Killing His Friend by Murdering 5 People at Beliatta (LONG READ)

    After the underworld attack on a prison bus on February 23, 2017 in Kalutara Ethanmadala, killing five underworld members including Samayang, a powerful underworld criminal, and two prison officers, if the underworld carried out such a heinous attack, it would have been the death of Ape Janbala Party leader Saman Prasanna Perera aka Royal Beach Saman and 4 others who were killed in the area near Beliatta Expressway entrance.

    That day in 2017, Makandure Madush is leading the attack from Dubai together with Angoda Lokka. The killing, which happened as a result of a conflict for underworld power, challenged even the security forces because the attack was carried out in police and military uniforms. Although almost 07 years have passed, the real shooters of that attack are still at large. That is because it has not been possible to even recognize who they are.

    Saman Perera aka. ‘Royal Beach Saman’

    This attack on the last 22nd near the entrance of Beliatta which is not second to the attack in Ethanmandala, Kalutara has shocked the whole country and the police are intimidated because this was done while the police have launched an operation named ‘Yukthiya’ with all their might against the underworld and drug dealers across the country.

    It has already been revealed that the attack targeted Saman Perera, who was traveling in a white Defender to appear in a pending murder case in the Tangalle Magistrate’s Court, was done according to the contract of a powerful Dubai-based underworld criminal and drug peddler Kosgoda Sujee and on a plan by his main henchman Boosse Harsha. This was the result of a long-term dispute between Kosgoda Sujee and Saman Perera.

    Saman Perera aka. ‘Royal Beach Saman’, who was leading underworld crimes with the help of some members of the security forces as a businessman, was killed in this way while he was laying the foundation to capture the underworld power in the south by killing the minions and relatives of Kosgoda Sujee along with the underworld criminal named Rathgama Vidura. Rathgama Vidura is currently abroad. He is said to be staying in Italy. There is also information that he is roaming between European countries. Recently, Rathgama Vidura, who has no less political power, started attacking Kosgoda Sujee’s family members and minions. That’s because he has more political power now than ever. That is why even the Yukthiya operation did not catch anything in Rathgama Vidura’s drug and underworld network. Also Kosgoda Sujee also has big connections in the security sector. It is an open secret that some police chiefs also make phone calls to him in Dubai. A doubt has arisen in the police itself that this is why even the real criminals who are connected to the underworld network, like Rathgama Vidura and Kosgoda Sujee, were not brought to justice.

    On the 22nd, Saman Perera aka Royal Beach Saman took his minions in the Defender and were going to appear before the Tangalle Magistrate’s Court for a trial related to a murder that took place on June 05, 2022 at Morakatiaara, Tangalle. Kuduwelle Asela Nemattha, a person who was controlling Kuduwella, was killed that day according to a contract given by Harakkata from Dubai. Asela is one of Harakkata’s best disciples. Asela brought drugs from Harakkata from Pakistan by boat to land safely. At the same time, he moved around hundreds of kilos of drugs. Asela, a confidant of Harakkata, held Kudawella’s power to the extent that no one was better than him. The trust in Asela was undermined with the continuous seizure of Harakkata’s drugs in the high seas by the navy. In 2019, the Navy seized 280 kilos of heroin along with 115 kilos of ice in the high seas with a group of Pakistanis. It was only after a long time that Harakkata found out that the tip to capture the drugs came from Asela. Asela was killed as a result.

    Asela’s killing contract was being run from Sri Lanka by a man named Shashi Prabhath, who is the brother-in-law of Harak Kata. He was also a candidate for Galle district from Saman Perera’s Ape Janabala Party. Apart from that, another candidate who contested for Galle, Sameera Madhushanka aka. Surathala, was also among them. Saman Perera, aka Royal Beach Saman, is involved in this assassination plot, providing facilities and shelter. After killing Asela, Surathala also hid for several days in the Kurunegala house belonging to Saman.

    The investigation into Asela’s murder is being led by lawyers Ajith Rohana, who was working as the Senior Deputy Inspector General of Southern Province at that time, and Mahesh Senaratne, who was working as the Deputy Inspector General of Tangalle and Matara District, and who has now been promoted as a Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police, and by a team of officers including the Chief Police Officer of Tangalle Headquarters Inspector Wajira Indrajith.

    Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman was politically powerful at that time with the blessing of a top politician. He also maintained several extremist Sinhalese organizations on the advice of that politician. In the last presidential election, a political party was even bought and contested in the presidential election with the blessing of that politician. At that time, the State Intelligence Service had even given a big report to the authorities of the Election Commission about Saman Perera, who was disguised as an unknown criminal. It was about the criminal record of Saman Perera, who had submitted his nomination to be a presidential candidate at that time. The Director General of the Election Commission, Saman Ratnayake, was engaged in a big fight within the Election Commission to prevent a criminal from emerging as a presidential candidate based on the report that included Saman Perera’s scandal. At that time, Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman had not been found guilty before a court of law, so that attempt was all thwarted like a needle cut into the river.

    Saman, who was competing in the presidential election, indirectly helped a strong candidate. That is because he had great protection from that candidate. Although Saman did not get a large percentage of votes that day, his expectations were overcome by coming forward as a political leader in society. In the general election, even a few famous monks were allowed to run for election by Saman Perera’s Ape Janabala Party. Although this party could not win a single seat in the election, it gets a national list MP position according to the percentage of votes obtained. The members of the party were fighting for that MP seat. Athuraliye Rathana Thero eventually got that parliament seat. He is still represented in the parliament from that seat. Saman made a lot of efforts to grab this MP seat on the way. That is why Athuralye Rathana Thero is going to the police against Saman saying that he has received death threats. Since Saman Perera had a lot of political power at that time, Athuraliye Ratana Thera’s complaint was not even taken up for examination.

    When the investigation into Asela’s murder in Kuduwella began, there was a different political culture in the country. The politician who was sheltering Saman Perera, aka. Royal Beach Saman until then had to focus not on saving people like Saman Perera, but on finding a way out of the existing crisis. Even a political upheaval takes place during this time. That’s why Saman was neglected. The officers who reaped the maximum benefit from it were the then Chief Police Officer of Tangalle Headquarters Inspector Wajira Indrajith. At one point everyone was caught who was involved in Asela’s murder except Shashi Prabhath. Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman was arrested on the night of August 23, 2022 while hiding in his house in Ambalangoda.

    Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman and others who were caught by Wajira Indrajith and other officers was presented to the Tangalle Magistrate’s Court as suspects in the murder of Asela in Kudavella. Saman and others, who had been remanded in custody for a long time, came to Tangalle court together to attend the trial on several occasions after getting bail. Knowing this, Kosgoda Sujee decided to teach a lesson to Saman Perera, aka. Royal Beach Saman, to avenge the death of his (Kosgoda Sujee’s) best friend who was an athlete rather than Saman Perera being a challenge who at that time was building the power of the underworld together with Rathgama Vidura. It has already become apparent that this murder is not to avenge the murder of Asela in Kudavella.

    Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman had only contributed to the killing of Kudawelle Asela by hiding the Sameera Madhushanka aka. ‘Surathala’. That is why Saman was arrested. Without that, Saman’s direct contribution to the assassination plot was not revealed in the investigation. Kosgoda Sujee had planned to use that moment to take revenge on Saman as he was coming unguarded to plead guilty for Asela’s murder case.

    This attack is planned by Boosse Harsha for Kosgoda Sujee. He is Kosgoda Sujee’s closest disciple and is currently in Dubai. There are almost no police reports about Boosse Harsha, an unknown underworld figure. It is said that in 2012, Harsha was caught by the police with a stash of drugs. It was on the highway.

    Harsha contacts Saman Kumara, whom he knew when he was caught with drugs and imprisoned, as the coordinator to launch the plan to kill Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman. Saman Kumara, who was fifty-four years old at that time, had been in prison for about 20 years of his life. It is related to theft and robbery. Saman Kumara, who resided with his wife and children in a house located in Maliduwa, Bopitiya, Pitawilawatta of Bangama, Akurassa police domain, was involved in this job by promising to give an amount of 10 lakh rupees.

    That was a month and a half ago.

    After settling terms with Saman Kumara, the shooters, vehicles to travel, and the entire plan of the attack was prepared by Boosse Harsha under the leadership of Kosgoda Sujee. The plan was to kill Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman and the Sameera Madhushanka aka. ‘Surathala’. Boosse Harsha already knew from his spies that Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman and Sameera Madhushanka aka. Surathala came together before the court almost every day of the Asela murder trial. In all those cases, Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman came through the highway. All those things had been collected with the help of Asela’s disciples. Harsha’s plan was to chase after the vehicle in which Saman Perera was traveling after exiting the expressway and shoot him dead at the first opportunity. If that failed, the second plan was to attack and kill them near Tangalle Court.

    For this, Harsha contacted two shooters from Dubai. It is not yet clear who they are. It can be surmised that they may have been in the military and are now working as hired killers in the underworld.

    Harsha already knew that Saman Perera was using a white defender. Harsha knew the need for a vehicle that could move at the same speed as the Defender in order to chase and shoot the Defender. Therefore, a Mitsubishi Pajero jeep is prepared for the shooters to travel. The green jeep with number plate 65-2615 was handed over to Saman Kumara on the 21st. According to a phone call given by Harsha, Saman Kumara went to a place in Akurassa and received the jeep from someone who had brought it. That whole night the jeep was in the garden of Saman Kumara’s house. The very next morning, Saman Kumara woke up and took the jeep to Akuressa. At that time, some person had loaded the firearms needed for the attack into the jeep. Two people got on into the jeep from Akurassa. One of them is a shooter. Saman Kumara does not know who he is. At least the person didn’t say who he was. The second person who got into the jeep was a driver. Harsha advises from Dubai to hand over the steering wheel of the jeep to him. Saman Kumara knew this driver well. It was in the prison. He is also Saman by name. Saman Kumara only knew that he was a resident of Aluthgama.

    The third person is loaded into the jeep from Kamburupitiya. Nobody in the jeep at that time knew who he was. They did not get to know each other there. They then proceeded straight to their destination. It is near the Beliatta highway entrance. Even then, Harsha was giving information about Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman’s journey through phone calls to Saman Kumara from Dubai. He said that he was coming in a white Defender and even the number of that vehicle was from Dubai.

    As the defender came out of the highway, the jeep started moving behind it, ready to attack at the first opportunity before reaching Tangalle Court. Both shooters in the jeep had already taken the two T-56 weapons and prepared them for any attack.

    They didn’t have to follow the defender much longer. Defender did not travel more than 500-600 meters from the highway entrance. It is stopped near a restaurant in preparation for going to court after breakfast. Accordingly, when Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman and his group got down from the Defender, the speeding jeep stopped there at once and the two shooters who jumped down from it simultaneously fired a barrage of bullets at Saman Perera and his group. There they started running everywhere begging for their lives. But none of the shooters were spared. In the end, they shot and killed the driver of the Defender when he was trying to run away with the Defender.

    This is how the end of Welisarage Saman Prasanna Perera, also known as Royal Beech Saman, who was a presidential candidate and a member of parliament, and a leader of a party is written. Among the people who died with him on that day were Sameera Madhusanka alias Surathala, a resident of Iduruwa, Hasitha Chansuka, a resident of Galle, Nalin Chamipika Jayathilaka, a resident of Dematagoda Aramaya Road, and Buddhika Rajapaksa, a resident of Gattuwana, Kurunegala, who was the driver of the vehicle.

    When checking the history of Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman, it appears that he was a tourist guide (beach boy) at Kosgoda Induruwa Beach even in the latter half of the nineties. Being a young man from an ordinary family, he raised his head as a result of a close friendship he formed with an Arab national who came for a visit to this country. The foreigner helped him buy an area of land by the beach and build a hotel there by spending money. The hotel is still known as Royal Beach. At the same time, the nickname of Royal Beach Saman is attached to Saman Perera’s name.

    Kosgoda Sujee

    Saman also had a brother. He is Sumith Perera of Welisara. It was he who ran the administration of the Royal Beach Hotel. With the development of business, Saman Perera and Sumith Perera also approached wealth and power. During this era, the two of them tried to kill two tour guides who got into a dispute with them. It was by shooting on the beach. The job went wrong, and the lives of travel guides named Kolitha and Rohana were saved by leaving the prison sentence to the two brothers. Saman Perera is jailed for the first time with this. These two meet in Rathgama Vidura in the prison.

    Nandun Dharmavikrama or STF Nandun is one of the strong men of the underworld who was controlling the South at this time. Nandun, who was working as a sub-inspector of the Police Special Task Force, was a person who sold arms to the underworld while in police service. On July 16, 1998, Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Priyantha Jayakodya, who is now retired from the police service, arrested STF Nandun during a sale of firearms in Colombo. An underworld figure named STF Nandun emerges as he comes out of prison. Now he is not in the criminal world. Now he lives in Italy.

    Nandun was also behind the shooting death of Gamini Pinnaduwa who was the Chairman of Hikkaduwa Municipal Council on April 06, 2003 in Hikkaduwa Municipal Council itself.

    Nandun’s wife’s younger brother is Terry Trabrough. He is a good athlete. On December 22, 2004, he, who was the hope of the country for an Olympic gold medal, was shot dead in Balapitiya. He was on his way home after completing sports training. Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman was behind the murder. Terry was killed in such a way as to make Nandun angry. It was based on a threat that had demanded a ransom of 25 lakh rupees from Saman. “No money will be given. Do whatever you can” When Saman challenges Nandun, Nandun replies in underworld language by sending a shooter to the Royal Beach Hotel and shooting at everywhere. Terry was shot dead in response. Samana did this using Army Malli, a broken disciple of Nandun. Before that time, Army Malli and Manoj Mendis, who was later the chairman of the Rathgama local council, were on Nandun’s team.

    Both of them broke up with Nandun due to a dispute over the division of the contract money for the murder of Jeevaka, the owner of Ahungalla Ran Menika Hotel. On December 3, 2003, the owner of Ranmanika Hotel is said to be killed according to a contract of 25 lakh rupees. The shooter, Army Malli, was given only 10,000 rupees out of that amount. Because of this, Saman Kumara aka. Royal Beach Saman gets close to Army Malli, who broke ties with Nandun. Ami Malli was a skilled shooter who lived in the Wattala area. Having received military training, he stayed in the shadow of Royal Beach Saman and had tried to kill Mr. DW Pratapasinghe, who was the Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of Southern Province at that time, on several occasions. That is why his fate was decided later by a police shot.

    Nandun’s power diminishes with Army Malli’s separation from him. At that time, Nadun was not strong enough to take revenge on those who killed Terry. Kosgoda Sujee’s story is born from there.

    Jagamuni Sujeewa Soyza or Kosgoda Sujee was born on 21 July 1984. He is the only underworld criminal who has been publicized on the official website of the International Police for a known underworld criminal in this country. Kosgoda Sujee goes to the underworld to take revenge on those who killed his best friend Terry. Terry’s father is Sujee’s uncle. Rather than kinship, the two were friends. It was because they were both the same age. Terry’s death had hit Sujee so hard that Sujee couldn’t even sleep at night until he got his revenge. Sujee took revenge for killing his brother-like friend by storming the Royal Beach Hotel and shooting Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman on the coordination of Nandun. Along with Nandun’s minions, they shot and killed Saman’s brother, mistaking him for Royal Beach Saman. It was on January 19, 2005. Jagamuni Sujeewa de Soyza also renamed himself as Kosgoda Sujee among the underworld criminals along with this incident. Although it was the first human murder to be written before Kosgoda Sujee’s name, he was arrested by the police for the first time in Medavachchi in 2008 along with several gangsters. At that time, he had smeared Kosgoda Sujee’s name on all the underworld crimes that happened in Kosgoda, Ahungalla and its surroundings. Nandun escapes from the country after having a quarrel with Sujee. Money is also at the root of that dispute.

    Meanwhile, Saman Perera aka. Royal Beach Saman was becoming powerful by using money power to build very close relations with the people related to the police. Meanwhile, several underworld gangsters who broke away from Nandun and were close to him and killed Nandun’s father-in-law, Stanley Trabrough, on February 17, 2006. He is the former chairman of Kosgoda local council. The aim of the attack was to break the political status of Nandun. Sujee was looking to take revenge for that too. It was to finish Royal Beach Saman. There is no room for that easily because Saman’s underworld minions are no less protected by Saman. Saman also received great support from Rathgama Vidura.

    Kosgoda Sujee once shot near the hotel targeting the vehicle in which Royal Beach Saman was traveling, but Saman was not even injured. The shot hit a foreigner who was traveling with him in the vehicle. When the conflict between Kosgoda Sujee and Royal Beach Saman turns into an endless conflict, Kosgoda Sujee turns to robberies and drug trafficking to maintain his gang, following Nandun’s teachings.

    In 2007, Kosgoda Sujee and a group of others went to rob a jewelery store located near Ambalangoda according to Nandun’s plan. One and a half million rupees worth of cash and gold items were looted by Sujee and others that day. At the last moment, Nandun evaded the robbery. Two Ambalangoda policemen were shot dead in the exchange of fire that occurred when the police arrived there when the robbery took place. Then Nandun distributed only 10,000 rupees as Sujee’s share of the money and gold goods brought from this intense robbery. Against this, Sujee declared war against Nandun. Most of them were soldiers who escaped from the army.

    Sujee, who was caught by the police in Medavachchi, was remanded for more than two years. In 2010, Sujee was released on bail and made connections with many gangsters in the criminal world. Among them was Makandure Madush. With this, he even gets a chance to lead the drug trade on a large scale. Even Podi Lassi was with Sujee at that time. Podi Lassi joins forces with Sujee to take revenge on Manoj Mendis for killing Podi Lassi’s father Thelwatte Wasantha. Podi Lassi killed Manoj Mendis on December 4, 2015 under the protection of the Sujee’s gang that carried out many of the murders at that time.

    At that time, a station commander of a police station in the Southern province had obtained a contract of 50 lakh rupees from a businessman to finish Kosgoda Sujee’s story. Hearing about it, Sujee is about to carry out an underworld mission on the station commander, but he avoids it because the police chiefs who are friendly to Sujee did not allow it. Araliya Sarath, the owner of Araliya Hotel, was killed during that time. At the same time, several people related to the family died at the hands of Kosgoda Sujee’s minions, according to a contract received from another businessman. He kills Sarath because Sarath becomes politically powerful with a coup d’état.

    Before that murder, Kosgoda Sujee killed a person named Yasaratna on February 4, 2011 at the Araliya Hotel according to a contract.

    With that murder, when the police chased him, he escaped to Singapore to save his life. It was by using a fake passport. In Singapore, he was deported to this country because of his fake passport. When he arrived, he boarded a boat and escaped to India because when he came from Singapore, he was not caught by anyone’s suspicions and escaped from prison.

    When Sujee went to India, he used his closest disciple Uragaha Michael to carry out underworld missions showing his power from abroad. Suji orchestrated a series of contract killings through Michael. Eventually, they failed when the officers of the Terrorist Investigation Division caught Michael. Sujee, who was in India, is brought by a diplomatic mission based on Michael’s revelations. There, a bunch of weapons were found from Sujee during interrogation. Sujee comes into contact with LTTE gunmen while detained in the Terrorist Investigation Division. The underworld shooter called Bumma is Kosgoda Sujee’s mysterious shooter. He was a close guard of LTTE leader Prabhakaran.

    After being arrested by the Terrorist Investigation Division, he is remanded in custody and comes out on bail with the hope of living a good life. There is no chance of that because Royal Beach Saman has planned to carry out another underworld mission against Sujee together with some businessmen. As a result, a contract of 50 lakhs had gone to the station commander of a police station in the Southern Province. In order to live a good life, Sujee got married secretly in a hotel near Maharagama on February 19, 2016. Shooters were deployed to kill Sujee even during that wedding ceremony. Araliya Sarath is killed as a result.

    Sujee tried to catch the Royal Beach Saman but failed, so he fled the country with his wife on a fake foreign passport and went to Dubai to save his life. Now Michael is also in Dubai. Michael plays a part in the Royal Beach Saman murder plan. It was by using a school friend of his, Chinthaka, to spy near the Tangalle Court. It was because of the plan to kill Royal Beach Saman near the court. According to Michael, Chintaka went to Tangalle court that morning with a friend. He did not have to stay near the court for long. Michael makes a phone call and informs that “you can go and the job is done”. There, a sum of 10,000 rupees was received to Chinthaka using eZ-Cash. Now Chintaka is locked in the police special task force with the friend who went to spy.

    Meanwhile, the Hakmana police arrested Saman Kumara on the 23rd. The jeep in which the shooters were traveling was found abandoned in the parking area near the Galle Vidyaloka Piriven.

    On that day, on the 22nd, the shooters who shot and killed all five people including Royal Beach Saman got into the jeep and fled towards Beliaatta. The jeep coming from Beliatta to Kamburupitiya via Hakmana is stopped in the city for a shooter to get off. A clear image of him is also recorded on a security camera. The second got off from Akurassa. He is also recorded on a security camera and the image is not clear. But according to the style of movement, a suspicion has arisen that he might be the hired killer of the underworld named Mol Asanka. He is a deserter from the Army Special Forces and was a member of the Kaduwela Samayang’s gang. So far, it has not been confirmed that it is him.

    After the shooter got off Akurassa, Saman Kumara, who was driving the vehicle, went to his house with the person named Saman from Aluthgama and hid the firearms in the house. After the jeep is washed and cleaned, according to a call from Dubai, the vehicle is taken to the Galle Vidyaloka Piriven car park. Aluthgama Saman disappears after stopping the jeep there. Saman Kumara of Akurassa stopped the jeep there and came straight to his home. Following the instructions given by Harsha from Dubai, he took the two firearms on a motorcycle at around 6:30 in the morning on the 23rd and handed them over to a person who came to Dickwella on a motorcycle. Saman Kumara said during the police questioning that according to the instructions given by Harsha, a van had also been prepared to be used in an emergency. To escape the shooters. That van and the motorcycle were taken into custody by the Hakmana police officers.

    The investigation is not over yet. A big operation is already underway to find the owner of the jeep. That is because the number plates of that jeep belonged to another vehicle. In the investigation through the chassis and engine numbers, it has been found that this jeep has been exchanged between six and seven people. The final owner appears to be in Dehiwala. Investigators are currently trying to arrest the owner of the jeep as well as the two shooters.

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