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    Consolation for the fear of crocodiles in Pamunugama sea

    The coastline from Mount Lavinia to Galle Face has been unsafe in recent weeks due to several crocodiles roaming the area.

    Since a diver died In Dehiwala after being attacked by a crocodile, crocodiles on the beach pose a serious threat to people’s lives.
    Those crocodiles are finally seen in Port City. As a result, traps have been set to catch crocodiles, but so far no crocodiles have been caught in those traps.

    Meanwhile, the crocodile fear is running towards Pamunugama. That is because a huge crocodile has been roaming around the Matugama beach for the past few days.

    Pamunugama beach is a beach where hundreds of thousands of people come to bathe as well as people who are engaged in fishing. Therefore, the impact of this crocodile on the fishing community was not insignificant. Wildlife officials were notified but did not respond.

    Due to this situation, the fishermen in the area were very vigilant about this crocodile and caught the crocodile last night. After informing the wildlife officers about the 10 feet long crocodile, the wildlife officials came and took the crocodile away this morning.

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