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    Historic victory – Putin wins the Russia for the 5th time

    Russian President Vladimir Putin got the chance to become the country’s president for the fifth time after he managed to get a unique victory in the country’s elections.

    Accordingly, the country’s election authorities have announced that Putin has managed to get 87 percent of the votes cast in the country.

    According to the media, this is the first time since the Soviet era that the highest percentage of votes has been obtained in a Russian presidential election.

    If he completes his six-year term with this victory, Vladimir Putin will surpass Joseph Stalin to become Russia’s longest-serving ruler in the past 200+ years.

    In the press conference held after the election victory, Putin stated that his victory was a confirmation of his decision to invade Ukraine against the West.

    Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Western powers on Monday that a direct conflict between Russia and the US-led NATO military alliance would be just one step closer to World War III, but he said no one wants such a scenario.

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