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    The Inner Significance of Worship of Thurkadevi and the Service to Society

    The inner significance of Durga Devy Goddess DurgaDevi manifests, herself in a fiercest and most fearful form, but we must not misunderstand the form of divine DurgaDevi, she is an embodiment of love.

    The inner significance of the manifestation of Mother Durga Devi. DurgaDevi manifested in order to declare to the world at large, that the sacredness, uniqueness, and divine nature of mother DurgaDevi refers to the embodiment of physical, mental, and spiritual powers.
    DurgaDevi is the Goddess who confers us all the above (3) three powers.

    DurgaDevi is called Sathya Sorubini power or Sakthi. Durga Devi is also known as Kriya Sakthy, which is the power of action. Whenever our spiritual strength is weak, it takes us to negative qualities namely anger, hatred, envy, greed, and lust. We need to purify our minds from evil thoughts to do away with the evil or demonic qualities within us. Hence, the worship of DurgaDevi is vital for strengthening spirituality. Hence, we should have DurgaDevi in our thoughts, hearts, and minds. Goddess Sakthi is one but her functions are three namely itcha Sakthi (executive power, kriya Sakthi (power of action), and Janna Sakthi (power of wisdom) according to Sivagna siddhiar (11.7) gives a vivid picture of Siva -Sakthi relation.

    Sakthi manifests as Siva and Siva manifests as Sakthi. Inner significance is it is in their mercy towards aggrieved souls they bring forth the world and unite it with the souls still, Siva is a celibate (brahmachari) and the sweet-voiced Sakthi is a virgin. Only the sages of the highest wisdom and ascetic practice will comprehend the truth. The embodiments of divine power (of-parasakthy) in its various manifestations, Satvic (as maha -Saraswathi), rajasic( as maha lakshmi), and thamasic as maha Durga also called maha kali) in West Bengal Hindus worship in the form of maha kali/ Durga was able to overcome the forces of vice, wickedness, and egoism during nine days of struggle and finally on Vijayathasamy day (the 10th day) commemorating victory) the valedictory worship is done) inner significance of DurgaDevi.

    The six enemies of humans are eating into his vitals, embedded in his inner consciousness they are the demons to be destroyed. They are kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed); moha – (attachment), mada( pride), and matsarya ( malice). They reduce the man to the level of a demon. They have to be overpowered and transmuted, by the supreme alchemy of divine urge.

    “Man is proud that he is flying far into the sky and even landing on the moon, but he is incapable of living at peace with himself and his neighbours. His life on earth is full of fear and anxiety, but he proclaims without shame that he is the zenith of creation! He does not know how to put down the fire that burns within himself, but he is able to destroy the entire city by fire emanating from weapons of mass destruction.

    Let the breeze of divine Durga Devi empower the kriya-Sakthi ( power of action) the main reason for her manifestation, at her will through it, let not the darkness of blind ignorance desecrate it.

    May we experience the grace of Durga Devi through collective Bhajans and nama Sankeerthanum Tellipalai Thurkai Amman has willed Dr. Aruthirumurugan as her divine instrument to share a part of kriaSakthi, power of action spread her message in schools, university, and other forums in order to prevent vices which impact the society is a sacred duty of all Saivaites at home and all over the diaspora to participate in all his endevours of preserving Saiva- sittantham and the Tamil culture and creating an awareness of the consequences of vices among Saiva youth in the Tamil homeland.

    Sellappah Selvapaskaran,
    Founder Secretary of Elders Forum,
    Ealing Sri Kananga Thurkai Amman Temple.
    13th April 2024

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