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    Government to provide vouchers for school girls to buy sanitary napkins

    Minister of Education Dr. Susil Premajayantha said that after the coming New Year, measures will be taken to provide vouchers to school girls in Sri Lanka to buy sanitary napkins.

    The minister further stated that steps will be taken to distribute sanitary napkins to nearly eight lakh school girls in difficult, extremely difficult, isolated areas and schools with identified poverty, and the related cabinet paper has now been submitted for approval.

    The provision expected to be spent by the government for this purpose is about one billion rupees.

    The minister says that the value of one voucher card is about 1200 rupees.

    The minister also emphasized that the aim of this program is to provide support to girls from economically disadvantaged families by strengthening school children with healthy and healthy habits.

    It is expected to provide opportunities for the girls who are facing the challenge of getting adequate sanitary facilities with the aim of increasing the hygiene habits of the school girls.

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