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    About Rs. 1000 crores are needed for the presidential election

    The Election Commission says that 975 crore rupees will have to be allocated for the presidential election to be held.

    Mr. BCP Kularatne, Additional Election Commissioner of the said commission and its information officer, says that it is estimated to be around 271 crore rupees for staff salaries, overtime and travel expenses.

    It is stated that an expenditure of 15 crore rupees will have to be incurred for vehicle rental.

    14 crore rupees have been allocated for the printing expenses of the election and 13 crore rupees for stationery and office supplies.

    25 crore rupees for health safety materials and equipment, 80 crore rupees for fuel, 10 crore rupees for construction and repair, and 40 crore rupees for welfare expenses.

    171 crore rupees for temporary electricity supply and electricity charges, 25 crore rupees for polling station services, 55 crore rupees for services including water, telephone, and other expenses are to be allocated.

    It is stated that 7 crore rupees will be allocated for removal of illegal exhibitions, management of complaints, 4 crore rupees for stamp and postal charges, 7 crore rupees for monitoring expenses, 4 crore rupees for publicity expenses and 5 crore rupees for accommodation and building rent.

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