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    Another health strike from Tuesday

    The Alliance of Health Trade Unions says that a strike will start next Tuesday (02) from 6.30 am.

    Ravi Kumudesh, convenor of the Alliance of Health Trade Unions, said this while speaking to the media this afternoon.

    Protesting against the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health not taking steps to provide economic justice to the health staff, they have taken steps to start strikes again in hospitals across the country.

    Representatives of 72 health unions were called to Colombo today to discuss and make a decision.

    When the Health Trade Union Alliance was preparing for a strike on the last 19th and 20th, the Health Secretary requested 10 days to discuss with the Finance Ministry and find a solution, so the Alliance temporarily suspended its industrial action.

    That period ends tomorrow (28th).

    Therefore, the alliance also states that they hope that the approval of the proposal to achieve economic justice for the health staff prepared by the Ministry of Health, which has been forwarded to the Ministry of Finance for approval, will not be delayed any longer.

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