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    Chief of Defence staff receives full military honours in Kenya

    The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Shavendra Silva undertook an official visit to Kenya at the invitation of Kenya’s Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), General Francis Omondi Ogolla. He visited under President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s guidance, intending to strengthen Sri Lanka’s defence cooperation with the African region, says the Office of the Chief of Defence Staff media.

    General Shavendra Silva was received by the Kenyan CDF General Ogolla and the Air Force Commander, with the Kenyan Air Force extending full military honours.

    This reception signifies the deep-rooted respect and strong camaraderie shared between Sri Lanka and Kenya, laying a solid foundation for productive engagements during the visit, it says.

    During the welcoming ceremony, the Vice Chief of Defence Force of Kenya, Lieutenant General Charles Kahariri, and Army and Air Force commanders including senior military officers were introduced to the visiting Sri Lankan CDS by his Kenyan counterpart. The High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Kenya, H.E. Veluppillai Kananathan, also attended the occasion, it further says.

    General Silva’s official visit to Kenya represents a key milestone in boosting defence ties between Sri Lanka and Kenya, setting the door for further cooperation and collaboration in the future.

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