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    The minimum wage will be increased

    The government has decided to raise the national minimum wage.

    Accordingly, the minimum monthly salary will be increased by Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 17,500/-. Earlier this was Rs. 12,500/-.

    The National Minimum Daily Wage is expected to be increased by Rs.200/- from Rs.500/- to Rs.700/-.

    According to the provisions of the National Minimum Wage of Employees Act No. 3 of 2016, the National Minimum Wage was set at Rs.12,500/-.

    A tripartite sub-committee comprising trade unions and employers representing small and medium enterprises appointed on the recommendations of the National Labor Advisory Council has recommended that the salary be increased to Rs.17,500/-.

    Accordingly, the government has taken steps to amend the National Minimum Wage Act No. 3 of 2016 to increase the National Minimum Wage and the National Minimum Daily Wage.

    The proposal submitted by the Minister of Labor and Foreign Employment was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

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