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    The ‘Vishwa Buddha’ is Expelled from Buddhism

    The Sri Lankan Ramayana Nikaya has taken steps to expel Ratnapura Wimalabuddhi Thero, who has continuously insulted Buddhism.

    This has been informed to the Commissioner of Buddhist Affairs by the Most Venerable Makulawe Wimalabhidhana Nahimi, the Maha Nayaka of the Sri Lanka Ramanna Sect.

    This thero, who pretended to be Vishwa Buddha, and behaved in defiance even of court orders, was arrested once again yesterday.

    After being presented to the court, he was remanded until the 26th.

    This decision was taken unanimously by the Sangha committee of the Ramanna sect, which was held on December 15th.

    Accordingly, that decision will cancel the Ratnapura Wimalabuddhi Thero’s Samanera and Upasampada registries.

    It has been decided to expel Wimalabuddhi Thero from the Ramanna sect on the basis of the huge damage done to Buddhism.

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