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    SriLankan Airlines Transforms Aircraft Maintenance with AMOS NewGen MRO System

    SriLankan Airlines has transformed Aircraft Maintenance with the recent integration of AMOS, a next-generation ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for Aircraft Engineering and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) management by Swiss-AS. By automating the monitoring and coordination of aircraft maintenance with AMOS, SriLankan Airlines aims to boost engineering productivity, reduce costs and maintain quality and consistency in MRO operations.

    “SriLankan Engineering is excited to collaborate with Swiss-AS and adopt the groundbreaking AMOS NewGen MRO System. The integration took several months to complete given the complexities of transitioning data from our legacy system to the advanced AMOS platform. With this transition, we anticipate modernizing our operations, achieving greater efficiency, and ensuring that we maintain our aircraft and safety standards to the highest degree,” affirmed Head of Engineering at SriLankan Airlines, Arjuna Kapugeekiyana.

    “Implementing the AMOS NewGen MRO System is a crucial step towards realizing our digital vision. We have further integrated the AMOSmobile/EXEC Mobile add-on to maximize the overall value of the project with seamless, paperless operations such as electronic work instructions and digital sign-offs that streamline unnecessary time-consuming tasks. I would like to congratulate the SriLankan Airlines Project Team who led this transformation together with Swiss-AS,” added Group Head of Information Technology of SriLankan Airlines, Chamara Perera.

    The AMOS platform comes with multiple sophisticated features and data visualization functionalities that allow for precise inventory management and cost-effective practices.  Accurate calculations and scheduling of maintenance work will enable SriLankan Engineering to effectively manage aircraft maintenance limits in alignment with flight schedules. The system also allows SriLankan to proactively plan manpower and material resources for maintenance activities, reducing Aircraft on Ground (AOG) occurrences as well as maintaining optimal inventory levels. The AMOSmobile/EXEC software extension additionally empowers engineers and technicians of SriLankan Airlines to perform aircraft dispatch functions; request parts; check on fleet status; and carry out line and base maintenance tasks through a touch-optimized app, replacing paper-based with a digitized workflow.

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