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    Diana’s current situation with citizenship causes trouble for officials

    The Ministry of Public Security states that in view of the foreign travel ban imposed on the former Minister of State Mrs. Diana Gamage, the Attorney General has sought the advice of the next steps to be taken regarding her.

    The Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security Mr. Viyani Gunathilake stated that Ms. Diana Gamage cannot leave the country due to the current situation.

    He also stated that with the Supreme Court’s decision, Mrs. Diana Gamage should obtain a visa to stay in this country.

    The Secretary stated that after receiving the advice of the Attorney General on how to act in such a problematic situation, further action will be taken.

    The Minister of State position of Diana Gamage was recently revoked by the Supreme Court ruling that she is a British citizen.

    Meanwhile, Colombo Chief Magistrate Thilina Gamage issued a restraining order on the 9th, prohibiting Mrs. Diana Gamage from traveling abroad.

    Accordingly, the responsible institutions will have to seek the Attorney General’s advice regarding her.

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