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    Nationwide special operation to catch people who are engaged in O/L examination fraud

    Examination Commissioner Mr. Amith Jayasundara states that a team of special monitoring officers has been deployed to cover the entire island to identify candidates and persons who violate examination rules and regulations and engage in examination fraud.

    Exam Commissioner Amith Jayasundara also stated in a statement that special instructions have been given for such persons to act legally regardless of their status.

    The Commissioner of Examinations also mentions that no serious incidents have been reported so far that could disrupt the O/L examination.

    The Examination Commissioner further said that all arrangements have been made to conduct the mathematics subject which will start tomorrow and the other subjects to be held in the coming days, and all the examination centers are in operation without any problems and obstacles.

    He also said that the relevant officials have been informed at the provincial and regional levels.

    This year, the GCE Ordinary Level Examination started on May 6th and the examination is scheduled to end on May 15th.

    The first 06 days of the exam are now over.

    Mathematics and some other subjects are scheduled to be held on May 13, 14, 15.

    However, the relevant examination staff and supervisory staff have been able to detect fraudulent activities from several examination centers.

    The relevant police stations have been informed and the information has been given to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigations.

    Accordingly, the Criminal Investigation Department has already arrested the candidates involved in the examination frauds along with the examination staff members and other related parties.

    It is further stated in the announcement that they are going to be referred for relevant court actions.

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