HomeForeign News"Victory is Certain - No Ceasefire" - Israeli Prime Minister

    “Victory is Certain – No Ceasefire” – Israeli Prime Minister

    Israeli Ambassador Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the terms of the proposal presented by Hamas to establish a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

    The Israeli leader has thus rejected the conditions related to the cease-fire, declaring that Israel will surely achieve total victory in the Gaza Strip within a few months.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated to the media that the ceasefire talks are not moving in any direction and that the proposals presented by the Hamas organization are absurd.

    “We have no other option left. Now all that’s left is to achieve total victory.”

    However, it is reported that Egypt and Qatar are going to go for a new round of peace talks together, and foreign media reports that there is a strong expectation that a ceasefire will be established in the Gaza Strip in the Middle East.

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