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    The World’s Largest Passenger Ship ‘Icon of the Seas’ is on its Maiden Voyage

    Icon of the seas, the largest and most expensive passenger ship ever produced in the world, i.e. 02 billion US dollars (Rs 66,000 crores), which was built for 904 days, started its maiden voyage on January 28 from the port of Miami, Florida, USA.

    It is five times the size of the Titanic, 2,50,804 tons, and 44 feet, 1197 feet longer than the height of the Lotus Tower, and owned by Royal Caribbean Group.

    This ship has facilities for 5610 passengers and 2350 employees. It consists of the largest swimming pool on a ship so far, 07 other such pools and 06 water sports parks as well as 40 restaurants and lounges and 20 decks.

    Argentina’s football captain Lionel Messi graced the inauguration of the ship, which embarked on its maiden voyage from the port of Miami to the Caribbean.

    One person on this ship is charged 1700 dollars i.e. Rs. 540,000 for a short trip and 8000 dollars i.e. Rs. 2,544,000 for a long trip.

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