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    Here is what’s going to happen to vegetable prices in the future

    The Hector Kobbekaduwa Agricultural Research and Training Institute has emphasized that there is no risk of an abnormal rise in vegetable prices in this country until the end of this year.

    The institution emphasized these facts by handing over to the Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mahinda Amaraweera, a research report on the possible situations that may arise regarding the behavior of the price levels of vegetables and fruits as well as other food crops in the market in the months of May and June.

    Every year, the harvest of vegetables and fruits, which are grown in the Maha season and the Yala season, ends by the end of April. Therefore, there is an increase in the price of vegetables in the months of May, June and July.

    But this time due to heavy rains in the season, vegetable cultivation has started late.

    Vegetable crops destroyed by the rains were also restarted. Due to the arrival of all these crops at the same time, the prices of vegetables in the market fell rapidly.

    And the supply of vegetables to the market continues without shortage.

    Hector Kobbekaduwa Agricultural Affairs, Training and Research Institute says that if there is heavy rain in the last two weeks of May, there may be some increase in vegetable prices till June.

    In terms of weather, if there is no severe impact in the coming period and if the current good weather conditions remain the same, there will be no unusual rise in vegetable prices until the end of this year.

    Apart from this, the price of Nadu rice, which is consumed by 90% of the people, will remain unchanged in the next three months.

    But this early warning report also indicates that there may be some increase in the prices of Keeri Samba and Samba rice. This is because the prices of these two types of rice have already exceeded the control price.

    Also, maize farmers have received a good price for now. At present, the price of one kilogram of maize is sold at prices like Rs. 125-135.

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