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    350 doctors are leaving the country

    According to Ministry of Health sources, 350 specialist doctors in government hospitals have left the country recently.

    This has been revealed in a self-study by a group of expert doctors.
    Citing the economic crisis, these doctors have left the country.

    Newswave reported yesterday that there is a shortage of pediatricians and anesthesiologists, and with the publication of the related news, many people were looking into the facts regarding the shortage of doctors.

    The absence of an anesthesiologist in Hambantota Hospital has been a matter of discussion for a long time, and after two anesthesiologists who worked as anesthesiologists left abroad without informing, the third one, who was appointed to fill the vacancy, has been reported to have left abroad yesterday.

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    1. Remember the taxpayer payed for their secondary and university education. Then they leave health service which gave them the opportunities in life and go abroad without even notification. The government must place an embargo on these people and make it compulsory that they work for five years after qualifying as a trained Doctor or else the entire cost of the university and and the medical training that they obtained free of charge is costed and paid.

      • These Drs have not only completed their service to the country they are specialists who have studied abroad at their cost . Don’t forget a good number of them have done medicine abroad at their cost . They have served the country as Drs as well as Specialists .

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