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    Be careful while buying sweets this festive season

    The Colombo Municipal Council requests the people to look carefully when buying sweets and food items during the festive season.

    People are also advised to check the manufacturing date, expiry date and official seal of the municipality, especially when buying sweets sold at food stalls and pavements in Pettah food stalls.

    Its chief medical officer, Geethika Ratnawardena, requests the public to be careful if the price of sweets sold during this period is significantly lower.

    She also requests that sweets, including ‘Kavum’, be checked carefully if they are kept for sale in the evening.

    She further commented that steps have been taken to raid all the food that is produced in an unclean and unsanitary manner.

    Accordingly, all hotels and restaurants will be inspected continuously until the 11th.

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