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    An Underworld Criminal was Shot Dead by STF in Suriyawewa

    A retired army lance corporal who rode the motorcycle carrying the shooter, who shot and killed HD Sunil alias Ukkuwa, the brother-in-law of Walle Saranga, an underworld drug dealer, in Ragama on the 21st, has been killed in an attack by the Police Special Task Force in the early hours of this morning.

    The special task force media wing said that this person was killed after a shootout during an operation conducted by the team of officers of the Special Operations Division 2 of the Special Task Force according to the information that this retired soldier was hiding in a place near Suriyawewa Adigama Lake.

    He was injured during the shootout and died after being admitted to Suriyawewa Hospital, the Special Task Force media wing said regarding this shooting.

    The Special Task Force also mentions that a Police Special Task Force officer was also injured and admitted to Suriyawewa Hospital.

    It is said that this retired lance corporal named Nuwan Lakshitha was engaged in military service for 25 years.

    Police Special Task Force says this suspect is accountable for shooting a person on 28.08.2023 in the Kittampahuwa area of Wellampitiya Police Domain, the attempt to kill Dulaj, the brother-in-law of an organized criminal named Vidura, at the direction of an organized criminal named Kosgoda Sujee, near Senigama Temple in the Metiyagoda police area on 17.06.2023, and the most recent killing.

    The Special Task Force has issued an announcement stating that the information has been revealed that the shooter was the rider of the motorcycle in the incident of shooting and killing a person in the Elappitiwala area of Mahabage Police Domain, and served as Lance Corporal Regiment Number – S/412530 of the Sri Lanka Army and retired on 15/01/2024.

    This person is a 45-year-old resident of South Kanumuldeniya, Meella area. A revolver-type firearm and a motorcycle were also taken into custody by the Special Task Force. The items have been handed over to Suriyawewa Police for further investigation.

    As per the orders and instructions of Special Task Force Commander Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police Mr. Waruna Jayasundara, under the guidance of Director Intelligence Senior Superintendent of Police MMK Wijesinghe, under the supervision of Assistant Superintendent of Police (Intelligence/Special Operations/Anti-Narcotics and Organized Crime) Mr. Sagara Kulasekara, a team of officers of Special Task Force Special Operations Division II has conducted this investigation.

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