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    Attack on Iranian Ambassador in Colombo City Center premises

    A group of Kompanjaweediya Police officers arrested a person who attacked the Iranian Ambassador Mr. A. DELKHOSH at the Colombo City Center car park.

    When the ambassador went to the Colombo City Center in his official car yesterday and entered the car park, the driver of another car had an argument with him.

    The 33-year-old driver named Basnayake, a resident of Ward Place, Colombo 07, attacked the Iranian ambassador here. Then, when the driver got into the car and was about to flee, the ambassador put his hand on the bonnet of the vehicle and tried to stop the vehicle until the police officers arrived.

    At that time, the driver started the car and drove ahead. The police say that the ambassador was thrown and fell on the bonnet and the car was driven about 15 meters forward.

    At that time, the police officers arrived at the place and arrested the suspect.

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