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    Europe Splits

    There are reports of a split in Europe over attacks on Yemen’s Houthi fighters.

    Accordingly, the United States of America and the United Kingdom have started attacking the Houthi fighters who are currently attacking ships travelling in the Red Sea. Spain and France have refused to sign the statement issued jointly by 10 countries in the European region supporting these attacks and normalizing the attacks.

    So far, several attacks have been carried out by US and British fighter jets and submarines, and the necessary intelligence and other facilities are provided by the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and Bahrain.
    In the meantime, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand and South Korea have expressed their agreement for the attacks, according to foreign media reports.

    It is revealed that there are two main reasons behind Italy’s decision not to join the attacks. There, Italy needs parliamentary approval to intervene in such attacks and to maintain a peaceful policy in the Red Sea.

    The report also states that France has decided not to agree to these attacks, to minimize the possibility of derailing the steps currently being taken to hold talks with Israel and Hezbollah.

    However, it is revealed that there has been a lot of discussion at the international level regarding the non-unification of the two powers of the European region.

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