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    The student who cut the throat of the university student was remanded further

    Colombo Chief Magistrate Mr. Prasanna Alwis ordered that the university student who was arrested by the police and remanded in custody for killing his girlfriend, who was studying at Colombo University, was further remanded today (30) until February 13.

    At the time of the preliminary magistrate’s investigation regarding the death of the student, it was ordered that the suspect student be further remanded in custody.

    This murder happened on the 17th. On this day, the suspect student had first tried to kill the student at the Independent Square. He had tried to kill her at four places on this day and the fourth time was at the race course arena.

    After killing the student, he tried to kill himself.

    The suspect student is currently undergoing treatment in the mental treatment department of the prison hospital, so he was not brought to court. The prison officials informed the court about that.

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    1. Presence of many mentally deteriorated case in. The campuses are there undetected? Indicates need for premedical
      / mental assesment before university registration.

    What do you think?

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