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    Shortage of Beer Bottles

    Beer producers in Germany have warned that there could be a severe shortage of beer bottles in the coming months.

    Manufacturers in Germany have warned that this situation could have a devastating effect on beer production in the future.

    Beer makers point out that this is due to the high cost of producing beer bottles and the shortage of drivers needed to transport them.

    According to an industry expert, the shortage of glass bottles will mainly affect small and medium-sized beer factories.

    Beer makers also point out that glass bottles cost 80 percent more than they did a year ago, and that beer prices will have to increase accordingly.

    Meanwhile, people in the glass industry have told the Build newspaper that the rise in the production of glass bottles has led to an increase in the cost of production as energy prices have risen.

    Holger Eichele, of the German Beer Producers’ Federation, said the shortage of lorry drivers had made it difficult to maintain supply chains.
    As a result, he said, the price of new glass bottles has almost doubled in the past year.

    In response, Eichele suggested that glass bottles be returned to retailers as soon as possible and that consumers be advised “Don’t store empty bottles in the basement.”

    Glass beer bottles are widely used in Germany, where they are sold with a small deposit. It is expected that the empty bottle will be returned when they return, but the majority of the people return without an empty bottle, the report said.

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