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    GMOA Decides to Suspend Their Strike

    The government doctors are suspending the strike that was supposed to start from tomorrow (24) morning.

    It was after the authorities informed that the letter suspending the DAT allowance of 35000 rupees which was supposed to be given to the doctors by the government from this month is invalid.

    The Director General of Health Services has informed the heads of health institutions in writing, canceling the letter issued temporarily suspending the payment of doctors’ DAT allowance along with January salary with immediate effect.

    With that, the Government Medical Officers Association has decided to suspend its strike.

    Meanwhile, it is reported that the heads of the institutes have been ordered to pay the related allowance through a special voucher for the doctors who do not receive the DAT allowance through the regular payroll for the month of January.

    Below is the letter that led to the strike decision taken by the doctors earlier.

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