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    High risk: Ella-Wellawaya road will be closed intermittently

    These days the road has been closed again as the landslides in the Maliththagolla area of Karadagolla, Ella are becoming more active with the heavy rains.

    Regarding the current situation, Badulla District Secretary Mr. Panduka Sri Prabhath Abeywardena said today (17) that even now there is a flood of mud and dirt flowing along the Ella-Wellawaya Road, which has created a serious danger to the Ella-Wellawaya Road.

    Along with this danger, along with the rains, large boulders, trees, and mounds of earth have started collapsing in places on the Ella-Wellawaya road.

    He also said that due to the severe danger of the road, the road which reopened this morning (17), will have to be temporarily closed from time to time in cases of heavy rain.

    Accordingly, the Ella police have informed the drivers to use the Wellawaya-Koslanda-Beragala-Haputale-Bandarawela road instead of the Ella-Wellawaya road in cases where the road is closed.

    Also, according to the rainfall situation, the Ella-Wellawaya main road will be closed at any time, the district secretary further said.

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