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    Why am I not supportive of JVP (NPP) or Peratugami (JPP)

    Dear Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Policemen and Women,

    During the protracted insurgency from 1971 to 1989, perhaps during our days of schooling, most of us have experienced the bitterness of terrorism led by JVP which I do not intend to pen down here in length.

    The years 1987 to 1989 were the period where there was a peak of violence and intimidation that we experienced, and having joined the army I was a tiny Lieutenant in the rank at this time.

    Upon being promoted as a Captain (company commander, commanding appropriately 150 men) I was deployed in Anamaduwa (Puttlam District) and Dodangaslada (boarding Mathale and Kurunagala District) to hunt down the brutal elements which I have done to the best satisfaction of my superiors.

    During this time late uncle Harsha Abewardana, General Secretary UNP (assassinated on 23 Dec 1987 by a group of insurgents), and late Nandalal Fernando, Administrative Secretary UNP (assassinated on 20 May 1988 by a group of insurgents), were the two best friends my father Dharmasiri Gallage had and they were my mother’s superiors; they usually sit together for a soup or tea prepared by mother Freeda Gallage, having inspect the site of new party head office which was later shifted from Kolpity to Kotte.

    My mother being the accountant at ‘Sirikotha’ (UNP Party Head Office) JVP had constantly dropped threatening notes and calls to our home asking me to not to sight home unless vacationing the army, and my mother to vacate her office.

    My mother forced me to not to take leave for fear of my life, until we dusted the clan. Instead, she got a one kilometer long telephone extension line for my personal use linking Mr. Asoka Wadigammawa’s residence.

    My mother visited me twice to see me, once on my B’day and then during the Sinhala New Year with cakes and sweets for all men under my command.
    Finally, I took a breather only after the cremation of Mr. Rohana Wijeweera and the cruel clan in late 1989.

    Hence, as long as these incidents keep revolving around my mind and soul, I will not use my franchise in favor of JVP, or JPP for sure, and urge all ranks of the tri-services and police to use their vote wisely.

    Major General (rtd.) Chagie Gallage

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