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    Services of a Group of CEB Workers Suspended Following Recent Strike

    The services of 17 electricity workers who participated in the recent protest against the restructuring of the Ceylon Electricity Board have been suspended.

    The services of a group of electricity cashiers have been suspended due to the fact that the customers who tried to pay the bills to the Electricity Board could not pay the bills due to the cashiers of the cash counters closing the windows and engaging in strike.

    The Minister of Power and Energy Mr. Kanchana Wijesekera had instructed the authorities to suspend the services of CEB workers who interfere with electricity services and supplies.

    Yesterday, the case related to the violation of the injunction imposed by the court for 14 days on the unions and employees of the Ceylon Electricity Board who are on strike was called before the court yesterday.

    The court has also ordered to file related objections on the first of February.

    The court has also announced that it will decide whether this injunction be maintained or not after considering those objections.

    This protest was recently held by the electricity trade union workers across the country in front of the Electricity Board head office against the bill related to the restructuring of the Electricity Board.

    Ranjan Jayalal, General Secretary of Ceylon Electrical Workers’ Union, said that the right to strike has not been affected by this censure and that this censure is in place only for the uninterrupted maintenance of electricity supplies and services.

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