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    The thieves cut off the hand of the policeman guarding a judge’s house and fled

    Robbers managed to escape after assaulting a police constable who was guarding the official residence of Aluthkade Magistrate No. 06 on De Fonseka Mawatha, Bambalapitiya.

    The incident occurred yesterday morning, as reported by Bambalapitiya Police.

    In front of the Magistrate’s residence, a luxury jeep belonging to one of the residents was parked on the road near the Judge’s house.

    The assigned constable from Bambalapitiya Police noticed an unusual sound coming from the road on the morning of the 17th. Upon investigation, the officer observed two individuals on a motorcycle attempting to remove the side mirrors of the parked jeep.

    Realizing a crime in progress, the constable decided not to wait and approached the two culprits with the intent to apprehend them. In response, one of the individuals brandished a knife and inflicted an injury to the officer’s right hand before fleeing the scene. The injured constable has been admitted to Colombo National Hospital for medical treatment.

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