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    Revengeful shooting claims Life of Six-Year-Old Girl in Maligakanda

    Recent revelations suggest that the fatal gunshot that tragically claimed the life of a six-year-old girl in Maligakanda, Maradana, was an act of revenge linked to a murder committed by the girl’s father.

    The initial murder occurred on November 28, 2022, in Mattakkuliya, involving an individual known for collecting money from drug traffickers. A senior police officer has disclosed that a group of drug traffickers orchestrated the shooting incident in Maligakanda as retaliation for the earlier murder, inadvertently resulting in the death of an innocent child.

    Following the incident, the police took into custody Migara Perera, the father of the deceased girl, during a raid conducted by the Kotahena police on the night of the 17th. Perera was found in possession of nearly 01 grams of the drug known as “ice.” Subsequently, he was presented in the Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court and granted bail.

    The police’s account of the incident details that while Perera, along with his wife and daughter, was en route to their Kotahena residence after securing bail, they were targeted by two motorcycle-riding assailants near the court. Gunshots were fired at Perera, prompting him to flee the scene, but tragically, his daughter was struck by one of the bullets, resulting in her untimely demise.

    In the ensuing chaos, Perera sustained gunshot wounds to his arm and leg but managed to escape by evading his pursuers. The assailants, in pursuit, encountered an accident as their motorcycle overturned during the chase, preventing them from reaching their intended target.

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