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    A doctor’s 40 lakh worth wedding ring was stolen

    The Dankotuwa Police have initiated an investigation into the theft of a diamond-encrusted wedding ring valued at 40 lakh rupees, which belonged to a doctor.

    The doctor resides in Sandalankawa, while his brother lives in Negombo. On the 12th, the doctor had attended his brother’s funeral in a hired van. During the funeral, he had removed his wedding ring and placed it inside his wallet.

    Subsequently, when the brother returned home after the final rites, his daughter reminded him about the ring. He recalled placing it in his wallet. Upon opening the wallet, the doctor discovered not only the missing ring but also a stash of foreign currency amounting to 14 lakh rupees gone.

    The doctor reported the incident to the Dankotuwa Police on the 17th, even after inquiring with the van driver and conducting an initial investigation. The van driver claimed that he did not find any ring inside the vehicle.

    Dankotuwa Police are now suspecting that the van driver may be involved in the theft, given that the wallet was in the van while he was at the funeral home.

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