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    Heavy rains kill 11 people in one day

    Due to bad weather conditions, 11 deaths have been reported and four people are missing in the 24 hours that ended at 6:00 am today.

    During this period, the first deaths were reported from the Avissawella police domain. Three deaths were reported from Puwakpitiya where three members of the same family died.

    Avissawella Police stated that three people in a house drowned when a flood occurred in Puwakpitiya yesterday morning. That group of people were sleeping in a house on DS Senanayake Mawatha. They woke up too late to open the doors and get out in time.

    Victims who died unfortunately in the above incident are S. Chailingam (78), S. Vishneshwari (36), and Raja Suminsa (08).

    The fourth death reported in Avissawella is an 11-year-old girl named Kaweesha Wijeratne, a resident of the Hewainna, Kaluandura area. The girl died after being buried under the soil after a mound of earth collapsed on the house. The accident happened at around 3.40 am yesterday.

    Four people in the van were injured when a Boo tree fell on a van carrying employees of Horana Bodyline in Kiriella Idagoda town yesterday (01) at around 1145 pm. Among those who were hospitalized, a 40-year-old woman, a resident of Galkara Kanda, Medagalatura, died yesterday.

    A 66-year-old woman named Hevage Gimara de Silva, a mother of three, a resident of Gampola Atabage area, was also drowned yesterday morning.

    The police say that while this woman was sweeping in front of the house, the nearby Ataba Oya overflowed and she was swept away. Her dead body was found washed away about 100 meters.

    21-year-old Amandi Kalpana, a resident of Gallenakanda area of ​​Alapatha Udaniriella, also died yesterday after being swept away. The Alapatha police stated that she was caught by the water waves while passing through a ravine in the Gallenakanda area and was swept away and drowned.

    Two deaths were reported from Deiyandara yesterday and both deaths occurred at the same place. A mound of earth collapsed on top of that house and buried it. 27-year-old Kasun Sandamal and 20-year-old Nuwan Sameera were killed when the mound collapsed on a house in Denagama Pallewela yesterday morning.

    A death was also reported from Pelmadulla yesterday. The deceased is 56-year-old Nalin Samarakoon, a resident of Midalana. He died after being swept away by a current at the Marakkala Falls and drowned.

    A resident of Pugoda was caught in a flash flood and died after the Kelani river overflowed. 63-year-old RP Perera, a resident of Poogoda Udakanampella, has died. He was caught in the flood while taking some valuables to another place due to the flooding of the house.

    Two missing persons are residents of Thavalama in the Hininduma police domain. A 52-year-old man named DG Ranjith and a 23-year-old man named Shantha Kumar are missing after being swept away by the overflowing of the Ging River.

    Two people are also missing in Kamburupitiya. Both of them have gone missing after being caught in the flood in Urapola Grama Niladhari domain. 17-year-old Kavindu Tharanga, a resident of Uyangoda, and 19-year-old Tharindu Sampath, a resident of Pitamulla, are missing.

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