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    The central bank is sleeping! Online fraud money has been taken out of the country

    Mr. Gamini Valeboda, Member of Parliament, has disclosed many facts regarding the large-scale money fraud that is happening online in saving through mobile phones and computers and fraudulently withdrawing money through mobile bank accounts.

    He alleges that even though he disclosed this to the parliament on the 25th of last month, it is a problem that the central bank is sleeping without taking proper steps.

    By now, about a thousand buyers have been caught in this scam and it has been revealed that more than 1000 million rupees have been taken out of the country in the form of crypto currency.

    He emphasizes that the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission and the Central Bank could have taken steps in this regard, but it is a serious matter that they have not done anything yet.

    Minister of State for Finance Mr. Ranjith Siambalapitiya replied that he hopes to take immediate action on this and submit a report to Parliament.

    MP Gamini Valeboda revealed the information about how this fraud is happening.

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