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    Dengue risk in Kandy

    Kandy district community disease specialist Dr. Krishantha Masachchi says that the spread of dengue in the Kandy district is likely to increase in the next month.

    According to the entomological survey, this has been revealed.

    He further said that nine dengue patients have died this year, but no death has been reported from the Kandy district so far.

    The doctor stated this while presenting data regarding the progress of dengue control at the coordination committee meeting held at the Kandy District Secretariat.

    According to the data of the National Dengue Control Unit, by the end of April of this year, 1547 people had been hospitalized due to dengue, he said that 232 cases were reported in the month of April.

    He also pointed out that 72 dengue cases have been reported in the last week of April and 15 of them are residents of Kandy Municipality.

    The doctor said that the Kandy Municipal Health Medical Division belongs to the four Dengue High Risk Zones designated by the National Dengue Control Unit, and said that other medical officer divisions should also be vigilant in this regard.

    He also said that according to the larval surveys, the spread of dengue may reach a high level at the end of May and June, so local government agencies, divisional secretaries offices and all health medical officer divisions should be very vigilant about the spread of the disease.

    He further said that it will be easier to control the spread of the disease by closely monitoring the reported patients and their disease background.

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