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    The health strike was called off

    It has been decided to suspend the strike which was scheduled to start tomorrow (19) for a period of 07 days.

    Mr. Ravi Kumudesh, the convenor of the alliance, said that the relevant measures were taken according to the request of the Minister of Health, Mr. Ramesh Pathirana.

    He also said that the relevant decision was taken according to a written request made by the Health Minister with the signature of the Health Secretary.

    These professional actions were due to the delay in the Ministry of Finance’s response to the implementation of the technical report jointly prepared by the Ministry of Health and the Health Professionals Association.

    However, it is essential to carry out the relevant discussion with the participation of all decision-making parties to reach a solution.

    Therefore, according to a request made by the Minister of Health to give a week’s time, the strike has been temporarily suspended.

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