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    There are no issues with the auspicious times of the New Year rituals

    Mr. JM Gunapala, Visiting Lecturer of Kelaniya University and a member of the State Astrologers’ Committee, says that according to the way the Sun transits on the upcoming Sinhala Hindu New Year’s Eve, it is not possible to take such an optimal auspicious time.

    He joined a press conference held at the Government Information Department today (18), saying that these auspicious times are good for the country, the people, and the country’s survival.

    The State Astrologers’ Committee consists of 42 members.

    05 of them had suggested using this new year’s auspicious time in the morning and said that the current auspicious times are not appropriate.

    However, it is mentioned in the Sinhala Hindu New Year auspicious times that the new year will happen on Saturday 13th April at 09.05 pm.

    The State Astrologers’ Committee members request that the rituals compiled by the State Astrologers’ Committee be used for the Sinhala Year rituals this year as well.

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