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    Fans Go Mad in a Concert Full of Indian Stars in Jaffna

    A mega show in Jaffna on Friday night in which top Indian stars including world famous Indian musician Hariharan and South Indian actors Tamannaah and Ramba took part had to be interrupted by restless fans, and several people were arrested and a few were also hospitalised.

    Due to the participation of many famous Kollywood actors and actresses in India, a huge number of movie lovers from Jaffna participated in this event.

    Due to non-availability of tickets for some people, they had to climb on different roofs and trees to watch the concert.

    The audience broke through the police barricades deployed at the place and came close to the stage in such a way as to pose a risk to the performers of the show.

    The concert was temporarily stopped for a long time due to the impulsive behavior of the people and the police had arrested about 6 people who behaved restlessly.

    Several people, including Ramba and the organizers, asked the fans who had boarded the stage to leave the stage.

    A few others climb onto the platforms built for video cameras, and even the equipment has to be removed by the crew.

    About 5 people were admitted to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital who fainted and were injured due to the stampede in this incident which took place in a crowded outdoor area in Jaffna.

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