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    Government to Blacklist Paddy Buyers who do not Buy Paddy at the Prescribed Prices

    According to the Ministry of Agriculture, it has been decided to blacklist rice mill owners, rice (paddy) collectors and paddy storage owners who do not buy paddy at the prescribed prices.

    The ministry said in a statement that the government has made arrangements to provide loans through several state and commercial banks at a subsidized interest rate to purchase paddy from farmers.

    The Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries, Mahinda Amaraweera, has instructed the officials to take steps to blacklist those who do not take government-approved loans and purchase paddy stock under the minimum prices set by the government.

    It is stated that steps have been taken to provide an amount of 900 crore rupees to small and medium sized rice mill owners, paddy collectors and paddy warehouse owners under a subsidized interest rate for the paddy purchase programme.

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