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    A Strike by the Non-Academic Staff of Universities

    The non-academic staff members of the state’s universities across the island have started a one-day token strike today (18) in the morning.

    It was protesting the government’s decision to increase the allowances of the teachers.

    Earlier this month, the Cabinet of Ministers had approved the proposal presented by President Ranil Wickremesinghe to increase the study allowance given to university lecturers by 25%.

    It was decided to include this allowance in their January salary.

    Regarding the related Cabinet decision, the Joint Committee of the University Trade Union blames the fact that the salary increase of the lecturers has caused unrest among the non-academic staff.

    “We are asking [authorities] if they are going to increase salaries in the university sector then they should increase the salaries and allowances of everyone in general. It is the government that has created this problem.” said a committee member.

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