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    Several roads in Ampara are Closed due to Flood – A Mother Died from a Collapse

    Vehicular traffic on the Ampara-Siyambaladuwa main road has been restricted from the Galmaduwa area.

    It was due to a flood situation

    The Department of Irrigation says that there has been a flood situation in the lower areas of Gal Oya after Iginiagala, Ampara and Senanayake Samudra started to overflow. Ampara – Iginiagala main road has been temporarily closed from the Suduwella area.

    The department points out that the people of those areas and the drivers of vehicles passing through it should be very careful in this regard.

    Meanwhile, a 23-year-old mother of one died in an accident caused by the collapse of a house in the Minneriya area of Higurakgoda.

    The Higurakgoda Police stated that the accident occurred due to the collapse of a wall of the house due to the prevailing rainy weather.

    Meanwhile, the risk of landslides in Badulla district has increased with the prevailing rainfall, says the District Disaster Management Center.

    The center said that with the continuous rains in the district, signs of landslides are showing in many other areas in addition to the landslides identified so far.

    Due to this, the people should be more careful.

    The soil removal work on the Badulla – Bandarawela road, which was recently blocked by a landslide, has resumed today.

    With the heavy rain falling in Anuradhapura, it is reported that all the roads leading to Eruwewa village under Tirappane Divisional Secretariat are flooded.

    However, Mr. Ajith Wijemanna, director of the forecasting department of the Meteorological Department, says that the rainfall that has affected the island is expected to decrease from today.

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