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    A journey to explore the paradigm of self awareness through the medium of art

    Dr. Avanthi Jayasinghe is a licensed psychiatrist who has dedicated her life to understanding and enhancing the human mental state. Her journey as a female doctor in a predominantly male-dominated field was a test of resilience, but it became even more challenging after the loss of her husband, as she navigated the task of raising her son single-handedly. Despite these hardships, her unwavering commitment, hard work, and a touch of serendipity allowed her to triumph against all odds. Now, Dr. Jayasinghe aims to utilize her life experiences as a source of inspiration and motivation for those facing struggles, encouraging them to persevere and grasp the essence of victory through determination, honesty, and sheer dedication.

    Imago sui underscores the concept that individuals possess a self-image or a sense of identity that shapes their thoughts, behaviours and interactions. This is a concept that is widely explored in a number of different fields. Philosophically, the idea of Imago Sui ties to self-awareness and self-consciousness.

    As an artist, for her, the concept of Imago Sui is seen as a representation or reflection of the human experience and identity. Artistic expression is often used to convey aspects of the self, society, emotions and culture, and serves as a medium to capture and communicate the complexity of human nature and the world around us, thereby embodying the idea of Imago Sui.

    The paintings in this exhibition have been greatly inspired by the writings of Carl Jung, in particular his ideas about the circle archetype. Jung’s ideas about archetypes have had a profound influence on many fields, including psychology, literature, and art. Many artists throughout time have used the circle in their work to represent the idea of wholeness and the self. Moreover, the circle has been used as a symbol in many different cultures throughout history.

    Imago Sui, a journey to explore the paradigm of self awareness through the medium of art.

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