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    Today is Mother’s Day, who gives life to the world

    International Mother’s Day is today.

    Different countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day on different days.

    Northern Hemisphere countries use a day between April and May to celebrate Mother’s Day.

    The current celebration of Mother’s Day began in 1908 when Anna Jatz of Grafton, West Virginia held a memorial service for her mother.

    Today, more than 50 countries including America, England, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and India celebrate Mother’s Day.

    Miss Anna Jatz, the founder of Mother’s Day, was an unmarried woman. As a tribute to her, she is honored with the title “Mother” on Mother’s Day.

    Anna Jatz planned to celebrate Mother’s Day personally by wearing a white carnation flower and going to church services to spend time with the mothers present that day.

    She didn’t want it to be seen as a commercialized day dependent on money. But by 1925, Mother’s Day had started to be ‘marketed’, with white carnations being sold in shops.

    The traders said that the money will be funded for the welfare of the mothers. Although Anna Jatz founded the International Mother’s Day Association in 1940, its primary goal was to stop the flower trade.

    It had also been mentioned that the flower sales made for Mother’s Day fell by 11.45% that year. In order to stop Mother’s Day from being sold for money, she not only had to struggle all the time of her life, but also had to go to court.

    Appreciating the endless, silent service of our mothers who build the world should not be limited to a day.

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