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    Millionaire businessmen who illegally entered the presidential palace have left the country

    A major investor in a leading iron industry company in the country, who is wanted for arrest in connection with a forced entry into the Presidential Palace, has left the country.

    The Central Division Criminal Investigation Bureau, which is investigating the matter, has received information that this millionaire is currently staying in an African country.

    Even the intelligence agencies have observed that this millionaire businessman has stayed in the struggle ground on several occasions. This businessman has entered the Presidential Palace on July 09 after the protesters stormed the Presidential Palace. The police information stated that the investigation teams also have several photos of him staying there.

    The police information further revealed that legal measures are being taken to arrest this businessman when he returns to Sri Lanka.

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    1. How about arresting those MPs who damaged public property inside the Parliament ? They are roaming freely within Sri Lanka.

    2. Why only the peaceful protestors? What about damaging the public property by MP’s in the parliament? MP’s have done enormous damages to the parliament which is a public property. Arrest those goons first. The president has no guts to arrest those rowdy MP’s and just going after public to take revenge for sending his friends home

    What do you think?

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