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    No reversal of Ben on chemical fertilizer-Prez


    District Farmers’ representatives on behalf of 1.1 million farmers across the island, have urged President Gotabaya Rajapaksa not to reverse the steps taken to use organic fertilizer.
    The farmers’ representatives highlighted that it was their absolute duty and responsibility to return to the traditional farming methods and provide the people with a non-toxic healthy diet. They added that citizenry will be grateful to the President for his decision to nourish a healthy next generation for Sri Lanka. The farmers’ representatives assured President Rajapaksa that all the farmers in the country would support the President in overcoming the challenge of going for an agriculture based on organic fertilizer, as a team, for the benefit of all people in Sri Lanka just like the country once faced the challenge of concluding the war against terrorism. I

    Weather Forecast for Today


    The Department of Meteorology has made the following predictions about the weather conditions that may affect the country today (05).

    World’s 1st sex championship will start in Sweden


    Sweden becomes the first country in the world to officially register sex as a sport.

    According to foreign reports, the European Sex Championship will be held for the first time in Gothenburg on June 8.

    Anyone from European countries can participate in this competition.

    People participating in this competition will participate in sex sessions for up to six hours a day.

    The winners of the respective competition will be decided by a panel of judges, with 30% of the jury’s judgment and 70% of the audience’s vote for the final decisions.

    The European Sex Championship starts on June 8 and runs for six weeks.

    Participants engage in sexual activity for 45 minutes to 1 hour per day, depending on the duration of their matches.

    According to the reports, the final decision on the winners will be reached under 16 classifications considering the chemical compatibility between the couple, knowledge about sex, endurance level etc.

    In particular, the reports further stated that knowledge of the ‘Kamasutra’, a Sanskrit text on sexuality and sensuality, would also play a role in decision-making and participants would be scored based on their knowledge of the ‘Kamasutra’.

    According to preliminary registrations, the championship will have the participation of 20 people from different countries.

    Three winners will be selected.

    Dragan Bratich, president of the Swedish Sex Federation, has said that the acceptance of sex as a sport is inevitable.

    He highlighted the importance of training and the potential for physical and mental well-being through sexual activity.

    “Like any other sport, it takes practice to achieve the desired results in sex. Therefore, it is logical that people start competing in this discipline as well,” Bratich said.

    A big position for Sri Lanka in the United Nations General Assembly


    Sri Lanka has received the position of Vice President for the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

    193 countries have unanimously elected Sri Lanka for the post of Vice President.

    Ambassador Mohan Peiris, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, will assume the relevant post for the period from September 2023 to September 2024 for the Asia Pacific region.

    The 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly will begin on September 12.

    It will be held until September 25.

    Here are the new Litro gas prices


    Effective from midnight tonight, the price of domestic litro gas has been reduced as follows.

    Accordingly, the 12.5kg cylinder has been reduced by Rs. 452 to Rs. 3,186.

    Also, a 5kg cylinder has decreased by Rs.181 to Rs.1281.

    A 2.3kg cylinder has been reduced by Rs. 83 to Rs. 598.

    The chairman of the company said that the decrease in the price of gas in the world market and the increase in the value of the rupee compared to the dollar is the reason for the reduction in the gas price.

    3 trains collide in India – Death toll increases above 200


    At least 233 people died and 900 were injured when three passenger trains collided in Odisha state of India last night (02), the Indian government says.

    This is the worst train accident in recent times in India, and this accident occurred when the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express and the Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express and a cargo train collided.

    According to Indian media reports, the three accidents took place near Bhanga Bazar railway station in Balasore district, 250 km south of Kolkata and 170 km north of Bhubaneswar.

    Indian media reports also revealed that the rescue teams that operated after the accident continued to rescue the victims throughout the night and the death toll is likely to rise further.

    The report also states that the Indian authorities have taken steps to use specially trained dogs for rescue operations.

    Accordingly, the Government of India has immediately started an investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his condolences to the family members of those who lost their lives in the accident and also wished the injured a speedy recovery.

    A suspended police officer was caught while taking a bribe from a spa


    A suspended police inspector has been arrested by the officials of the Bribery or Corruption Investigation Commission when he was accepting a bribe of one lak rupees from a spa center in Kadawatha.

    The officers of the Bribery Commission have arrested an officer named Ranasinghe who left the service since April 21 while working at the Sapugaskanda Police Station.

    The bribe was taken in a car on the Ragama-Kadawata road.

    It is said that this bribe money has been demanded by a police inspector of the Kadawata police station to provide the necessary facilities to carry out the activities of the Spa center without interference from the police. According to a complaint made by the owner of this spa to the Bribery Commission, the suspect police inspector was arrested in this raid yesterday evening.

    Thieves break into Paffrel chairman’s house


    Thieves have broken into the house of Mr. N Navsad, chairman of Paffrel Institute, located at Scopidil Place, Kollupitiya.

    The Kollupitiya police say that the thieves who entered the house by breaking a door stole 03 watches and gold items from a cupboard in a room.

    The chairman has told the police that the value of the stolen property is Rs. 715,000.

    The theft took place between yesterday (01) 10.00 pm and yesterday (02) 5.30 am.

    Hambantota International Port launches Duty Free Complex


    The Hambantota International Port (HIP) launched its Duty Free Complex with the opening of 2 duty free shops within the port’s premises. The complex is designed to grow the duty-free business catering to the vessels calling HIP.

     The first two operators to set up at HIP’s duty free complex are Royale Electronics and United Life, both organizations with over 30 years of experience in the duty free trade. They offer a wide array of international duty free goods ranging from imported liquor, confectionery, perfumes, tobacco, etc. 

     As HIP gears itself to facilitate an increased number of passenger cruise vessels calling at the port, both Duty Free Shop operators will be an essential value addition to overseas passengers and crews.  Apart from contributing towards uplifting tourism in the country by promoting cruise liner calls, the port is rapidly progressing in its development of port services, such as the industrial park, marine services, energy hub and integrated logistics; which will automatically increase tourist and investor footfall and require more end-to-end services to be offered. The port’s duty free complex which is of international standards is housed under HIP’s International Commercial Centre will provide integrated support to all of the port’s business platforms. Chairman of China Merchants Group (CMG) Miao Jianmin who was on an official visit to Sri Lanka recently, also toured the HIP duty free complex.   

     Tissa Wickramasinghe, COO, Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG) was chief guest for the opening of Royale Duty Free, and Raymond Mu, Chief Financial Officer, HIPG was Chief Guest at the opening of United Life Duty Free on behalf of CEO Johnson Liu.

     Royale Electronics (Pvt) Ltd., a Sri Lankan company incorporated in 1997, envisions expanding its network across all connecting & international airports and seaports in Sri Lanka. Their operations in the country currently extend from the Colombo Port, Bandaranaike International Airport, Mattala International Airport, Jaffna International Airport and now to HIP.

     United Life, in business since 1982, is one of the oldest private bond license holders in Sri Lanka. They have branched into supplying multiple duty free segments in the domestic market focusing on “Wines & Spirits.” They cater to embassies and ship chandeliers. The company has now expanded into international markets with its presence in the Maldives and will also expand its products range at their duty free shop at HIP.

    The opening ceremonies were also attended by representatives from Sri Lanka Customs, Royale Electronics, United Life and HIP Staff.

    Thieves disguised as Dengue control officers robbed a house


    Yesterday, three persons who entered a house in Batuwandara, Madapatha, pretending to be dengue control officers, tied the limbs and mouth of a 73-year-old woman who was staying in the house, robbed the house and ran away.

    Boralasgamuwa police say that a mobile phone and gold worth more than 13 lakh rupees were stolen from a cupboard in the house.

    A female who was sleeping at home was stabbed to death with a spike


    The Kekirawa Police say that a female was stabbed to death with a metal spike used to peel coconuts while she was sleeping in the room of the house.

    A 35-year-old woman named S. A. Fatihma Riska, who lived in a house in Kekirawa, Sekkupitiya was killed.

    She resides in this house with her husband and children. Last night she was sleeping in a separate room of the house and her husband and children were sleeping in another room next to it.

    Her husband told the police that someone had entered the house at night and stabbed his wife.

    The Kekirawa Police stated that they have started an extensive investigation into the murder.

    “Jalani will not enter politics” – Sajith


    Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa says that he denies reports that his wife Jalani is preparing to enter politics.

    Opposition leader Mr. Sajith Premadasa says that his wife always works only as a social activist and she has no intention of entering politics.

    He himself expressed his opinion to the media that his wife is constantly dedicated for the welfare of the people and that neither he nor his wife is involved in family politics.

    Poson Poya is today


    Today (03) is the day of the Poson full moon, when Anubudu Mihindu Maha Arahant travelled to Sri Lanka, bringing Buddhism to this country.

    Accordingly, it is mentioned in Buddhist history that it was on this day that the monks Itthiya, Uththiya, Sambala, Baddasala, the monk Sumana and the worshiper Bhanduka carried the pure Buddhism of Lord Buddha and went to Anuradhapura Mihintala.

    It is said that King Devanampiyatissa and his group heard the Chullahatthi Padopama Sutra and followed the Triple Gems of Buddha on a Poson Poya day like today.

    This year, the National Poson festival will be held based on the Mihintala temple.

    The National Water Supply and Drainage Board is working to provide 30,000 cubic meters of water for the drinking water and sanitary water needs of the National Poson Festival. Installation of pumps, extension of water pipes for dansal areas, installation of 400 water taps around Anuradhapura Puja City, Mihintale and Tanthirimalaya shrines, water supply by water bowsers, extension of water pipes and water for temporary toilet systems constructed by municipalities and local councils. The Water Transport Board carries out works such as supply, and installation of water tanks and faucet systems for places where devotees and pilgrims gather and supply water to iron tanks on the Perahara road for elephants travelling in Mihindu Perahara.

    Also, the Ministry of Defense states that troops of the Armed Forces and the Civil Defense Department have been deployed to construct the Anuradhapura Poson Zone, which includes Mihintale, Thanthirimale, and Sanda Hiru Saya.

    Special transport services will be operated today (03) on the occasion of Poson Poya Day.

    Mr. Panduka Swarnahansa, Deputy General Manager of the Sri Lanka Transport Board, stated that special express bus services are in operation from the main cities to Anuradhapura.

    Meanwhile, Railway Deputy General Manager MJ Indipolage stated that 12 special train journeys will be operated between Anuradhapura and Colombo.

    The police say that a special security program is also in place for the Poson festival.

    Police Media Spokesman Senior Superintendent of Police Advocate Mr. Nihal Thalduwa stated that 2500 police officers have been deployed for that purpose.

    He stated that 355 police lifeguards have also been deployed around the reservoirs in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa districts.

    Anuradhapura Municipal Commissioner Mr. Ruwan Wijesinghe said that special programs are in place for the convenience of devotees coming for the Poson festival.

    Meanwhile, the Prisons Department said that 440 prisoners will be given special presidential amnesty today (03) for Poson Poya Day.

    It also includes 06 female prisoners.

    The Department of Prisons announced that 440 prisoners selected from every prison in the island will be entitled to Presidential Special amnesty.

    17000 dansals across the country


    The Association of Public Health Inspectors states that 17,180 Dansals have been registered across the island for this year’s Poson festival.

    Upul Rohana, President of the Association of Public Health Inspectors, said that the highest number of Dansals are registered in the Western Province and the North Central Province.

    All the food served in the Dansals should be served healthy and sanitary to the public.

    He also said that if there are Dansals that do not perform in that manner, legal action will be taken against those who organized those Dansals.

    Gas prices will drop tomorrow


    Litro chairman says that the price of a 12.5 kg domestic Litro gas cylinder will be reduced from midnight tomorrow.

    Accordingly, the price of such a cylinder will be reduced by Rs. 300, he said.

    A notice to the teachers


    The Ministry of Education states that all teachers who have been transferred should report to their new workplaces by the 12th of this month.

    The ministry also says that if a teacher wants to make an appeal, the principal should forward the appeal to the teacher transfer division of the Ministry of Education after the relevant teache reporting to the service.

    The Ministry of Education states that it is not necessary to personally visit the Ministry of Education to submit appeals and the decision on appeals will be notified promptly.

    Credit card interest rates will decrease


    Mr. Nandalal Weerasinghe, Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, said that due to the lowering of interest rates by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, it is expected that the interest rate of credit cards issued by commercial grade banks and financial institutions will also decrease.

    In the past, the interest rate was very high and for credit cards, they were as high as 25% – 30%.

    Credit card interest will also fall due to the fall in other interest rates of commercial grade banks.

    Queues in filling stations – Fuel distribution is mandatory in next 2 days


    Minister Kanchana Wijesekera has instructed the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and the Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal Company to continue the fuel distribution tomorrow (03) and the day after tomorrow (04).

    Accordingly, it is stated that instructions have been given to supply sufficient stocks to all filling stations.

    In order to reduce overtime expenses, the services of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Ceylon Petroleum Warehouse Terminal Company has not been carried out on Sundays and public holidays during the last 4 months.

    According to the minister’s tweet, the fuel shortage was created due to the immediate increase in demand from consumers after the price revision and quota increase, as the filling stations did not place orders from last Saturday in anticipation of a price reduction.

    Because of this, long queues were seen near the petrol stations today.

    Biden fell again – Will not be able to become President again!


    US President Joe Biden tripped and fell on the stage during the graduation ceremony of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, USA.

    After falling on the stage, the President was picked up by the nearby military personnel and the President’s security personnel who immediately came into action.

    The White House states that Biden, who is currently 80 years old, the oldest president of the United States, did not suffer any injuries after falling on the stage.

    At this graduation ceremony, 912 cadets who completed training at the Air Force Academy received their certificates and the President congratulated all of them by shaking hands. The President had to stay there standing for almost an hour and a half.

    Regarding the incident, White House press director Ben LaBolt said in a Twitter post that there was a sandbag on the stage while graduates shaking hands with President Biden.

    However, after the incident, the President, who came to the White House, made fun of the incident with a smiling face to the journalists.

    After this incident, the health of the President of the United States of America is once again under great attention. He had fallen before and on several other occasions, he lost his balance.

    However, President Biden was able to spot moments where he had trouble pronouncing the words correctly, while constantly missing the rest of his speech.

    Accordingly, political commentators point out that President Biden is unfit to run for his second term.

    Import restrictions on many goods will be lifted next week


    State Minister of Finance Ranjith Siyambalapitiya says that the import restrictions on 300 to 400 items will be eased from next week.

    Due to the Corona pandemic, the government imposed a ban on several goods as part of long-term severe import restrictions from March 2020.

    Due to the economic crisis, the import ban continued until as recently as November last year.

    After that, the government relaxed import restrictions on a number of goods from time to time.

    A promise from the Chinese Deputy Minister to the Great Leader of the Malwathu faction


    Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister San Weidong says that the Chinese government will provide all necessary support for Sri Lanka to get out of the economic crisis and enter the development path.

    He also said that Sri Lanka will soon get the opportunity to get rid of the current economic crisis.

    The Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister, who came to the island for a visit, worshipped the sacred tooth relic at the Sri Dalada Palace in Kandy and then visited the Grand Leader of the Malwathu sect, Most Reverend Thibbatuwe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thero yesterday (01).

    He also mentioned that Sri Lanka, which has a bilateral relationship based on Buddhism, will continue to maintain that relationship. The Deputy Foreign Minister said that China will help Sri Lanka in this economic crisis as it has helped in every situation.

    He also said that Sri Lanka is in a very important position under the ‘Ek Mawathak – Ek Theerayak’ concept. China’s Deputy Foreign Minister San Weyidong further stated that seven Chinese temples have provided dry food to 20,000 monks and 50,000 families with economic difficulties in Sri Lanka and that such programs will be implemented in the future.

    The Maha Nayaka Thero of the Malwathu faction, who spoke there, said that China has launched large investments in Sri Lanka through projects such as the China Port City, and that they expect the support of the Chinese government in the future.

    The Maha Nayaka Thero of the Malwathu faction further stated that the relations between Sri Lanka and China became more intense with the visit of the Pahian monk and ‘Lakdiwa Meheni Sasuna’ was also established with the help of China.

    No tax will be charged for opening the tax file


    State Minister of Finance Ranjith Siyambalapitiya says that by opening the tax files, it is not to collect taxes from everyone who registers, but to regulate the state income.

    He also points out that opening a tax file for everyone over the age of 18 does not mean they will be taxed.

    He said that future welfare payments are to be given under this tax file number.

    “The purpose of registering everyone is to bring state revenue under some regulation. For some people, it is through that file that we decide, he is registered and the assistance given by the government has to be given to him according to the information in that file. It exists in many countries in the world.

    This gazette means that, especially from the 1st of June, the prominent classes who are known to be able to pay taxes in this country have been invited to open a tax file. There are particularly prominent groups such as doctors, lawyers and engineers. According to the Minister of State, this gazette has been issued to 14 such groups.

    Here is the President’s special statement (📹)


    Below is the special statement made by President Ranil Wickremesinghe to the nation on the practical plan for socio-economic reforms and rapid development of Sri Lanka.

    Central Bank begins easing monetary policy – Interest rates down


    The Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, at its meeting held on 31 May 2023, decided to reduce the Standing Deposit Facility Rate (SDFR) and the Standing Lending Facility Rate (SLFR) of the Central Bank by 250 basis points to 13.00 per cent and 14.00 per cent, respectively.

    The Board arrived at this decision with a view to easing monetary conditions in line with the faster than expected slowing of inflation, gradual dissipation of inflationary pressures and further anchoring of inflation expectations.

    The commencing of such monetary easing is expected to provide an impetus for the economy to rebound from the historic contraction of activity witnessed in 2022, while easing pressures in the financial markets.

    Special train service for Poson from tomorrow


    Railway Department states that around 12 special train journeys have been deployed to run from the 02nd to the 05th of this month for the Poson festival.

    This special train service will be operational from 1.00 pm on 02 June. Accordingly, a special train will run from Colombo Fort to Anuradhapura on 2nd June at 1.00 pm.

    The department states that a special train will run to Anuradhapura at 4.40 pm and a special train from Galle at 8.15 pm.

    A special train will depart from Colombo Fort at 7.05 am and from Beliaatta station at 7.30 am on Poya Day.

    For return, a special train from Anuradhapura to Colombo Fort at 5.00 pm on June 03 and a special train service from Anuradhapura to Galle at 9.30 pm has been added.

    In addition to this, the railway department also states that a special night train service will be operated for the devotees who come to visit the Homagama Poson zone.

    The van carrying GCE O/L answer sheets and papers collided with a wall


    A van belonging to the Ministry of Education of the Southern Province, which was used to transport General Certificate of Education O/L questions papers and Answer Sheets, ran off the road in Kahiyangala, Hikkaduwa, yesterday evening and collided with a wall while driving from Galle to Colombo.

    The Hikkaduwa Police say that the accident occurred when the driver could not control the speed of the van.

    The driver of the van, a deputy director of education who was travelling in it, and a sergeant of the Galle Police who were on guard were injured in the accident and admitted to the Galle Karapitiya Hospital.

    At the time of the accident, there were answer sheets of the students in the van. The Hikkaduwa Police stated that no one was harmed and they were safely directed to the designated places.

    The Kuwaiti who went to buy medicine and left with a firearm was arrested at the airport


    A Kuwaiti national who came to Sri Lanka for Ayurvedic treatment for a leg injury and was about to leave for the country was arrested by airport security officers yesterday with an air rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition.

    The security department of the airport states that during the inspection of the luggage of this Kuwaiti, the firearm and the stock of ammunition were found and accordingly he was arrested.

    This Kuwaiti is 75 years old. A retired teacher, he said during questioning that this weapon was bought by him from Sri Lanka. He has also said that he bought it because it was available for purchase in the market.

    A husband killed his wife and buried in the garden


    Anuradhapura police arrested a man who allegedly killed his wife and buried her in the garden of a rented house.

    A 50-year-old woman has been killed. She is a resident of the Medavachchiya, Kandarawa area.

    Her fake husband, who has been arrested, is a 36-year-old man.

    She was killed and buried in a garden on Anuradhapura Wijepura Pandukaeya Mawatha.

    A few days ago, her sister had lodged a complaint with the police that the woman had disappeared from the house. According to the investigation, it has been revealed that due to some incident, the wife was killed by her husband on the 27th. The police have also found that he buried the body in the garden to cover up the murder. The body was supposed to be exhumed today.

    Three-wheeler associations say they can’t reduce the taxi fares


    Three-wheeler associations say that even though the government has worked to lower the price of Octane 92 fuel, it is not possible to reduce the fares of rental Three-wheeler.

    They point out that the reason for this is the increase in spare parts prices.

    Effective from midnight yesterday (31), a liter of 92 octane petrol has been reduced by Rs. 15 and the new price is Rs. 318.

    In the past too, the three-wheeler associations did not reduce the fares even when the fuel prices were reduced.

    The associations had earlier said that if the fuel quota is increased, the fares will be reduced.

    Also, although the government has recently increased the fuel quota provided by the government, it is not enough, the associations say.

    They further claim that if the tolls are reduced, comparing the previous reduction and yesterday’s reduction, only one rupee per kilometer can be reduced.

    This list of people must be registered with the Inland Revenue Department


    An extraordinary gazette notification is issued making it mandatory for persons belonging to 14 categories to register with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), including any person with an income about Rs. 100,000.

    President Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Minister of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policy has issued this gazette announcement yesterday (31 May).

    According to this gazette notification, employees whose monthly contribution from both the employee and employer exceeds Rs.20,000 to any provident fund are also required to register with the Inland Revenue Department.

    Accordingly, the government has made it mandatory for professionals belonging to the following 14 categories to register with the Inland Revenue Department with effect from today (June 01).

    1. Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) registered doctors
    2. Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka
    3. Members of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka
    4. Members of Sri Lanka Institute of Engineering
    5. Members of the Professional Bankers Association
    6. Members of the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
    7. Members of the Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Sri Lanka
    8. Advocates of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka
    9. Individuals who have registered their businesses in the Divisional Secretariat Offices
    10. Persons in possession of vehicles (other than three-wheelers, motorcycles and hand tractors) registered with the Motor Transport Department
    11. Persons who have purchased or acquired any immovable property in Sri Lanka by deed on or after 01 April 2018
    12. Persons with the monthly contribution of both the employee and the employer to any provident fund is Over Rs. 20,000
    13. Any person who obtains approval for a building plan from a local authority
    14. Any person who receives a payment of Rs.100,000 per month or Rs.1,200,000 for a period of 12 months for providing any service in Sri Lanka.

    This Gazette has been issued in accordance with the powers assigned to the President under Sub-section 03 of Section 102 of the Inland Revenue Act No. 24 of 2017.

    A change in fuel prices


    The fuel price has been revised with effect from midnight today.

    Revised fuel prices are given below.