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    Finance minister announces timeline for lifting vehicle import ban

    The Minister of State for Finance Dr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya says that the final decision regarding the removal of the ban imposed on the import of vehicles will be taken by the second week of August.

    The minister pointed out that the committee appointed to look into the matter met on the 4th and agreed to submit its final report to the Cabinet by the second week of August.

    According to the report, the minister said that it is believed that it will be possible to import vehicles without any undue impact on the exchange status of the country and according to the priority of people’s needs.

    The minister said that vehicles will be imported under the order of public transport vehicles, cargo transport vehicles, alternative vehicles, general vehicles and private vehicles.

    Meanwhile, the minister told the parliament that the cabinet approved the import of 1,000 vehicles for the tourism industry and none of those vehicles have been imported so far.

    Under this, 250 buses and 750 vans have been allowed to be imported subjecting to the permission of the Ministry of Tourism.

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