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    A scary discovery in the tuition system in Sri Lanka

    Professor Wasantha Athukorala of Peradeniya University’s Department of Economics and Statistical Studies says that there is information that more than 20,000 crore rupees are exchanged annually in the field of tuition.

    Because of this, the professor says that the field should be subject to regulation and taxes immediately.

    He mentioned that information is being reported that various people who have failed even in the subject they are teaching are holding tutoring classes, and it is a crime for such people to do so.

    The professor points out that because the children are the future of the country, the educational qualifications of such tutors should be looked into and they should be registered somewhere.

    The professor stated that the Ministry of Education will be given a lot of responsibility for that and if it is not done, school education will become a victim of tutoring classes.

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